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There is no time like the present where this song Fear of Fear is more topical, with the immigration ruling filling our TV screens and the fear mongering of the Trump administration.

This song pins today’s Propaganda Machine role in discriminating religion and the world refugee crisis.

Neil Brophy Band combine powerful lyrics, upbeat folk guitar and iconic banjo & whistle melodies to deliver an infectiously catchy song with a serious political message in the outspoken new single “Fear of Fear”.

Infused with a raw, brash Celtic soul sound that recalls the likes of Billy Bragg, The Pogues and Ewan MacColl, “Fear of Fear” mixes reflective lyrics and driving instrumentation to create a catchy and politically charged anti- anthem, dripping at the seems with defiance.

“Right-wing news channels and politicians feed us with their propaganda machine, breeding hatred and fear, which they use to misguide us. ‘Fear of Fear’ as the title suggests, lays out in black and white the lies we are fed.” – Neil Brophy








Brophy originally from Moulton, Northamptonshire, left the UK in 1990 on a backpacking trip and never made it back on a permanent basis. The prolific songwriter busked his way around Australia, NZ and the States for several years picking up songs and stories along the way, honing his craft by combining elements of his travels with social commentary & revelry and molding into song.

Led by singer and songsmith, Neil Brophy, the band has toured extensively in Northern Europe and Scandinavia becoming firm favorites on the festival circuit including multiple festival appearances in Germany, Holland and Belgium. UK festivals include Beautiful Days, Big Session and Middlewich Festival.

Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Folk Rock band Neil Brophy Band has been recording and touring since 1998. With several releases under their belt, the English-Scottish-Danish band’s last single ‘The Record Col-lector’, released on Record Store Day, was championed by Steve Lamacq, receiving substantial airplay on BBC 6 Music.

Watch the anthem for the defiant, “Fear of Fear” here: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wwXLiyDwm44

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/wwXLiyDwm44

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