Charlotte Humans for Positive Progress Announces Postcard Writing Rally; Asks for Assistance with In-Kind Donations

Local activist group announces a postcard writing rally scheduled for later this week and asks like-minded members of the public or participants for assistance with material donations.

Local activist group, Charlotte Humans for Positive Progress, have announced that they will be hosting a postcard writing rally on Friday, February 3, 2017.  Scheduled to occur from 6:00pm to 9:00pm, the invitation is open to members of the public who are interested in writing to U.S. Senators from North Carolina and South Carolina about developments related to immigration, women’s rights, minority rights, the recently-announced Supreme Court nominee, and other hot-button issues.

The event is being organized by Ashley Peterson and Amanda Clark of Charlotte and York, South Carolina, respectively. The pair are co-organizers of last Sunday’s Charlotte airport protest, which was focused on demonstrating against the anti-Muslim ban introduced on Friday, January 27th by the current administration.  The pair were recognized for their ability to coordinate with both airport authorities and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department in ensuring a peaceful and safe environment for passengers, law enforcement, and demonstrators. It is their goal to make the postcard writing rally a similar success.

“We believe that this is a great event that offers members of the community the chance to come together, interact with each other, talk about the issues, and ultimately, write our elected officials about our thoughts and concerns regarding what is taking place in Washington D.C. today,” states Clark.  “Our democracy is built upon the value of allowing citizens to speak up and voice their opinions about our government’s actions, and Ashley and I are looking forward to offering a space where people can do just that, while also having some fun.”

Additionally, Charlotte Humans for Positive Progress kindly asks the greater community for assistance with in-kind donations in the form of stamps, postcards, office supplies, bottled water, and snacks.  Please reach out directly to the organization for more information on how to offer material assistance and coordinate a drop off.

The postcard writing rally will be held at C3 Lab, located at 2525 Distribution St., Charlotte, North Carolina, 28203.  RSVP is required.


Charlotte Humans for Positive Progress is an activist organization focused on creating and executing peaceful events and demonstrations.  Focused on a wide variety of issues affecting American society today, the group is dedicated to helping further progressive values and protecting the rights of all Americans regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. 

For more information visit the group’s Facebook page or email

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