PARK CITY, UT – 1/31/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Disturbing news coming out of Sundance Film Festival on its final weekend, which has sent shivers through Park City is the unsettling events at the midnight screening of controversial physiological experimental film; ‘The Lucifer Effect’.

Originally set in an abandoned, haunted mental asylum, in England, the film centers around 8 people, from all warps of life, who thought they had bought a ‘movie role’ in a horror film; only to be locked inside the asylum to test the hypothesis if “good” people turn “bad” trapped in an evil environment. The film is a paranormal twist on the ill-fated Stanford Prison Experiment from 1971; which was also shut down.

The film has been in and out of the headlines following a number of bizarre incidents including the experiment being shut down by Lincolnshire Police, a real-life exorcism broadcast on Brazilian TV and even two girls having fits during a previous screening in London; which might have been caused by subliminal messages in the film.

These strange occurrences and the disturbing events, which happened to the contestants (and members of the public) after they left the mental asylum has caused for many to call the film ‘cursed’. A recently released trailer for “The Lucifer Effect” can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/LzhocyCEXY8

After the events of yesterday, it would appear the alleged curse might have found its way to Sundance. A photo has been posted online of the girl who was assaulted whilst the lights mysteriously went out during the film’s midnight screening. The film was not apart of the official festival program due to its dark subject matter.

John Valenti, manager of the screening room, who also attended the screening committed; “The energy in the room was rowdy and excitable due to the nature and history of the film anyway. However, when the lights went dark, we heard a loud commotion and discovered a girl had a cut on her eye when the backup lights were eventually switched on.”

The girl in question is Hollyann Carroll, who posted a picture of her cut eye on Facebook; she is known to be fine but was shaken by what happened. The venue does not want to be named and is investigating the incident.

The film’s new Producer; Henry Fox added; “We believe it could have been someone who threw something when the lights went out as a prank. But, it is kind of strange due to the history of the film and what happened at the London screening. We ended up stopping the screening as most people wanted a stiff drink to settle their nerves. We have decided to finally release the film to warn people against using Ouija boards”.

The new producers took over the film and have finally decided to release it against the advice of the original director who has expressed his concerns surrounding the film. The film has been delayed six years due to a legal conflict about what happened in the asylum and during the experiment.


A recently released trailer for “The Lucifer Effect” can be seen here: www.lucifereffectfilm.com

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