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CZECH REPUBLIC – 2/1/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Volleyball is a fun and exciting six-membered team ball game. It originated from Massachusetts, which involves throwing a ball over a net to get it grounded on the opponent’s side of the court.

It involves the use of arms and hands in getting a ball over a net to touch the ground of the opponent’s court after a maximum of three touches in a team. The game was invented in February 1895 as a less rigorous, indoor alternative to basketball for older members of the YMCA. It has evolved to a game being played in over 135 countries.

Professional volleyball play consists of five positions to be filled on the court.

•                Setters; who lead the offense, getting the ball airborne and available for the attackers to play the ball into the opposing side of the court.

•                Liberos; the quickest players with the best passing skills. Responsible for receiving the attack or serve. The name comes from their freedom to substitute for other positions in play.

•                Middle hitters/blockers; carry out fast attacks near the setter. They are blocking specialists as they attempt to stop all fast plays from the opposing team. There are usually two in a non-beginner game.

•                Outside or left side hitter; usually the most constant hitter in the game, and attack from near the left antenna. They get the most sets.

•                Opposite hitters carry the defense workload for a team in the front row. They block the opponent’s outside hitters and serve as backup setters.

Participation in volleyball has been on the rise in the past few years, alongside its potential for injuries. While volleyball might be one of the safer sports, there are a few injuries associated with it. Common injuries include ankle, knee and shoulder injuries, jumper’s knees and finger injuries.

In order to minimize injuries, precautions must be taken, most importantly proper training and kitting.

As earlier noted, all the positions occupied by the players require jumping and hitting of some sort. Hence proper equipment should be gotten for all players on the court regardless of their position. Protective equipment includes; volleyball knee pads, ankle supporting shoe and comfortable or defensive pants which can protect them from bruises.

Volleyball knee pads are indispensable, as knee injuries rank as one of the highest of volleyball injuries. It is pertinent to protect players with the proper use of volleyball kneepads as knee injuries (caused by hitting against a hard court floor while taking a dive, or the impact of hard landings) have lifelong effects. Jumper’s knees are one of the most common volleyball injuries.

Shoulder overuse injuries, Ankle sprains/strains are other notable injuries.

Hence the use of volleyball knee pads, ankle support and good shoes for all players cannot be overemphasized in the quest for a safer sport. 

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