ExitAdviser Has a Good News For Small Business Owners


Minden, NV, USA – February 2, 2017: ExitAdviser has announced that they will be helping the small business owners to sell their businesses by accessing the potential buyers directly. This online service of ExitAdviser will be available for the business owners worldwide and it will help them get rid of their dependence on business brokers and large markets. The company provides a comprehensive set of online tools along with document forms and templates to get them a fast route for preparing, valuating and selling their business.

“ExitAdviser is the online solution that helps guide owners, looking to sell, through the process.” Said Armin Laidre, the CTO at ExitAdviser. “Supported by experienced Business Brokers and Advisers, ExitAdviser provides owners with a comprehensive set of online tools, how-to guides, document templates and access to nearby advisers.” He added. According to Mr. Laidre, direct access to the prospective buyers has never been so easy and simple before.

The greatest advantage that business owners will get using this service is that they will save plenty of time as well as money. The online self-service tools of Exit Adviser can prove a realistic substitute for expensive sales broker charges. These tools use latest technologies that are updated regularly to help the business owners save time and money while conducting their business on the go.

“When my wife and I decided to sell our business after running it for twenty years, a friend suggested us ExitAdviser, and it really worked for us effectively.” Said Joseph Blygges, a former small business owner from New York.

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