The emergence of a whole NEW music genre

For years the music industry has had their steadfast genres of music that in all actuality, lacked in a few major areas, areas as the genre called Urban.  Two music industry executives have decided to change that, by introducing an entirely new, but inclusive and descriptive genre, called GLOBAL SOUL.

Allen Johnston, Founder of The Music Specialist ( and Anita Wilson-Pringle, CEO of CM3 Media Group, Inc. ( have teamed up to redefine how the word “Urban” is represented and perceived, by redefining music from the roots up.  Global Soul represents “any music that originated from the artist deeply rooted soul or African roots, race is not a factor”, according to Allen Johnston.

Music genres such as rap, hip hop, gospel, jazz, R&B and more are all defined separately but clumped into the same shoebox when being discussed behind closed doors – Urban.  It is common for one to think of poor, black and inner city when the word Urban is used, but that by no means is a true representation of the cultured music produced from such great artist like Luther Vandross, Barry White, Thelonious Monk, Run DMC, Johnny Taylor and more.  Global Soul will welcome music from all countries, performed by all races.  Soul is not just found in black people, it is found in ALL people, black, white or brown.  One should not be limited by race, creed or location.

Music is global, a language that communicates where mere words fail.  Music comes from the soul, the inner being of the artist and it’s a sharing of emotion, yearnings, triumph, love, anger and almost any other emotion, feeling, attitude or thought known to man.  It only seemed fitting to redefine the essence of this power medium. Proudly display and represent the music that flows from the hearts and souls of the artist that put their all into an art that up to now, have not been given its proper respect nor due.  Wilson-Pringle states that by introducing Global Soul as a NEW music genre on the largest and most powerful platform in music, MIDEM (, the world’s largest Music Conference located in Cannes, France, (June 6-9, 2017) they will get others, such as the major music labels, publishing houses, and others to understand the depth and complexity of the need for this new descriptive genre. (

The Music Specialist and CM3 Media Group introduced GLOBAL SOUL to the world with an amazing showcase in Cannes, France at MIDEM 2016. The MUSIC SPECIALIST MIDEM SHOWCASE at the Cotton Club featured artist from all over the world – Essai’ (France), Fiyah Marshall (Bermuda), ProthaMaddMann (USA), Victor Kgantlape (South Africa), IMEXA (a selection of artist representing countries from all over Africa) and more.  “Global Soul, where all music lives and all music originates.”

CM3 Media Group and The Music Specialist will be back at MIDEM 2017 as not only exhibitors, but as the ONLY International Pavilion. Representing artist and businesses from all over the world under one umbrella, GLOBAL SOUL.

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