eMinnow.com Announced Patented & Motorized Fishing Lure

eMinnow’s New Lures have made Fishing Trips Fun & Successful for Every Family

2 February, 2017 – eMinnow.com, has announced that production of its unique patented “self swimming” fishing lures will start in February 2017. The company has been developing, extensively testing and modifying final eMinnow prototypes for maximum performance for the past two years.

Currently, eMinnow is offering five different kinds of motorized fishing lures that are easy to use, devastatingly effective and can replace live bait in states and provinces where the use of live bait is banned. 

“These are actually an all-season type of lures and could be especially useful for ice fishing, when sometimes you have to spend the whole day, trying to attract lethargic predator fish by imitating the movement of live bait,” said Sergiy Tsybulnyk, the inventor of eMinnow. “eMinnow is a new generation of fishing lure, it’s the lure that swims on its own and is one of the most flexible and effective lures on the market,” he added. The mechanism adopted by eMinnow has never been used before, and these lures increase the probability of catching a fish more and more likely under all kinds of weather and waters.

The unique, patented and motorized fishing lures of eMinnow are currently offered in five different types or variants. Ranging from the lipless ‘FatBobba’ that is available in seven colors and a chubby round body shape to the lipped ‘WildJax’ each model is designed to catch specific categories of fish. These lures catch all types of edible fish regardless of their size or species. Some fish species are hard or even impossible to catch, but eMinnow has made it possible with the considerable amount of ease and its marvelous engineering.

Besides ‘FatBobba’ and ‘WildJax,’ the other lures available are ‘BassKisser,’ ‘SixShot’ and ‘SlimReaper.’ Each lure comes with its unique characteristics and performance. Moreover, each lure is tested repeatedly to check the results to ensure that this new technology in fishing can benefit fish lovers from all over the world.

Furthermore, detailed information about the technology used in the production of these lures along with the latest news, multimedia gallery, and store of eMinnow is available on the website of eMinnow: eMinnow.com

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