Author launches book on the secrets of providing phenomenal customer experience

Years of extensive research guides readers on how to create blueprint, map journey and experience great results

Today, Dr. Janne Ohtonen, book author and customer experience expert launches book “The 5-Star Customer Experience: Three Secrets to Providing Phenomenal Customer Service”. The book offers practical guidance, including three strategic steps on how business people can grow their enterprise through innovative, proven customer service approach. The book also helps company leaders understand their current level of experience and what to do to improve it. Readers will learn how to develop customer experience blueprint and strategy to boost revenue, understand how clients interact with their business and put their plan into action to get results.

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“For businesses to grow, it is important that they understand the relevance of paying consistent attention to customers. My book teaches leaders who want to improve their business genuinely, to utilize a well researched and tested framework to create a sustainable customer experience goal. It is an opportunity to delve into the mind of the client, find out what drives their passion and deliver to them that which they most desired, “said Dr. Janne Ohtonen, book author.

It is quite unfortunate that despite all the efforts put into attracting clients like promotions, advertisements, etc., many business people unconsciously omit the importance implementing strategies to keep them. The 5-Star Customer Experience book is a complete guide that presents detailed plan on how any business people can improve the customer experience their company delivers.

“If you want to ensure long-term business success, then you will find Dr. Ohtonen’s book invaluable. A must-read blueprint for putting the customer at the heart of your organization. You will also find yourself inspired to approach the challenge of becoming more customer-centric in a structured and methodical way,” said Anthony Pearmain, an experienced Customer Experience Consultant from Stratmetrix.

The book also provides innovative customer service experience approach that most business owners are yet to explore. It helps readers understand why customer experience innovation is useful, who the target customers are, their expectations and how to deliver what they need. Learn how to identify emotions, recognize attitudes, and utilize the vast opportunities in modern technology to better serve the customer.

In addition to the useful guide and advice, the book also offers detailed real-world cases from various industries where readers will discover what works and take lessons from the experience of these companies. It is useful and applicable to all types of businesses and human endeavor, no matter the level of operation.

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Dr. Janne Ohtonen is an author and customer service expert with decades of experience in the field. He has delivered many challenging Customer Experience Change Programs, worked for top companies around the world and holds a Ph.D. He is a regular keynote contributor to MBA courses, C-level roundtables, and international conferences.

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