Having to be away from your kids a lot? This may be the answer for a better connection

BANDON, OR – 2/2/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Book reviewers from the Washington Post, to the Los Angeles Times, to USA Today are offering praise for “101 Ways to Be a Long-Distance Super Dad… or Mom, Too!”  (Robert D. Reed Publishers, www.rdrpublishers.com.) Perfect for mothers or fathers who are traveling a lot, putting in long hours at the office, traveling on business, working overseas, or who are separated from a son or daughter due to a divorce, “101 Ways to Be a Long-Distance Super Dad and Moms Too” offers simple, yet highly effective tips to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children across the miles.

Says the author, George Newman, who is a divorced dad, as well as an award winning journalist, “Parents not living under the same roof as their kids need all the help they can get to build and maintain good, strong relationships with their children. The years go by quickly. But, you can learn to make every moment count, no matter how far away you live.” 

Some tips by Newman include:

1) When you phone your children once a week or less, you’ll find it’s easy to forget certain things you wanted to talk about. Keep a running list of such items, either on a scrap paper in your pocket, or in your date book on a page marked with the date that you next intend to phone them. You’ll find it’s amazing how much more meaningful your conversations will be.

2) Most kids love riddles. A neighborhood library is a good source for a wide selection of riddle books. Parcel the riddles out, offering one per phone call. Youngsters frequently look forward to receiving a new riddle each time and will ask you if you forget to provide one.

3) For younger children; Send your son or daughter a coloring book that has pages which are easily removable. Also, send the custodial parent a supply of stamped, self-addressed envelopes, explaining your wish that the pictures be mailed to you. Ask your youngster to send you his or her completed colorings, using the envelopes provided. After you receive the initial mailing, mention in your next phone call that you received it and tell your child how much you enjoyed seeing his or her coloring work, detailing what you liked about each picture.

Offering advice on how to improve two-way communication with one’s children via email, phone calls and letters, as well as providing ideas for games and challenges that will keep children of all ages intrigued, “101 Ways to Be a Long-Distance Super Dad…or Mom, Too!” is available through Robert D. Reed Publishers, www.rdrpublishers.com. Phone: 1-888-IDEAMAN.

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