Ajman Based company launches a new platform to help Business in UAE

Kj rocker F.Z.E, an Ajman based digital marketing firm launched a new platform which will help businesses within UAE to spread their message on internet. The new platform DxbBlog will provide local businesses a chance to introduce their products and services to their targeted consumer.

Whilst talking about the new launch, Khawar Jamil, the Executive Director of Kj rocker F.Z.E said: “…as businesses in UAE are at the peak of their growth, and the new tech revolution is taking place, there is a need for a platform like DxbBlog, where local businesses can share information about their products and services. People are always looking on the internet for solutions to their problems and use the internet as a source to look for the services they require. We are offering them their solution in one accessible place.”

“We have been in a beta phase for the past couple of years, trying to improve our platform to meet the needs of consumers. Now it’s time for us to introduce the platform to the public and to the business world.”

While talking about the platform he said that this platform is a unique way that we can not only share our experience with the consumer about any business or the service, but also grow interest into certain sectors and outlets.

What started as a hobby and a side project is now a platform which will not only help tourists visiting UAE, but also to the local population in UAE. Our core focus now is the businesses related to travel industry hotels, tourist attractions and travel services, Restaurant industry and Tech industry where we will provide the local tech companies an opportunity to introduce their products. However, we are also planning to focus on fashion and other industries as well. Our goal is to help each business within the UAE and later in the MENA region. We have been working with many big brands and are looking forward to work with many more.

To learn more about the world of tech and gain access to Latest in UAE, please visit DxbBlog

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Company Name: Kj Rocker F.Z.E
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Email: info@kjrockerfze.com
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Country: United Arab Emirates
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