Upcoming Rap Music Artist: NASCARR NAT Collaborates with Producers to Release Upcoming Album

Atlanta, GA – NASCARR NAT, a young and upcoming maverick in rap music industry met a warm and encouraging welcome from fans after the release of ‘Designer’. The latest single is the most recent addition to the young artist’s portfolio – it is a mix of contemporary music, raw razor sharp lyrics and a touch of modern hip hop.

Nat’s music embodies deep contextual meaning, something that is not only a pleasure to hear, but in its own unique way, an inspiration for people from different walks of society.

For more details on upcoming tours, album release dates and anything in general, visit www.NASCARRNAT.com immediately.

Hailing from The Bronx, NYC, NASCARR NAT had his ambitions set on becoming a music sensation from a very young age. In his own experience, each day in the industry is a new learning experience because he gets to collaborate with other artists, music producers and brands that are looking for something original and innovative altogether.

Recently, the rap artist made announcement concerning the upcoming release of his original brand: NOLO (*No Loyalty, No Love) is Nat’s intake on life, personal experiences, struggles and many other things from a creative point of view. NOLO will eventually feature a collection of artist’s soon-to-be released work, and many unexplored genres that might bring a fresh addition to the industry.

NASCARR had the pleasure of collaborating with big names in the music production industry, such as ‘Future’ and ‘Luney Tunez’. As a result, NASCARR NAT’s work shows diversity and a hint of a particular rap artistry which listeners have not experienced since golden era of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls and Jay Z. However, the young artist believes that he still has a long way to go to achieve a pinnacle of success eventually.

For details on NASCARR NAT events, booking info and limited time singles, visit the artist’s official website at www.NASCARRNAT.com or visit his social media page at www.twitter.com/NascarrNat


NASCARR NAT is a rapper hailing from The Bronx, NYC, currently based in Atlanta, GA.

His music is a blend of quality hip-hop that echoes the grit and textural grooves of old school releases, while focusing on a modern edge in terms of production and lyrics. Through a multitude of various tracks, NASCARR offers an insight on authentic music and true to life lyrics for his loyal listeners from all over the country.

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