MORE CRUSH, MORE FRESH Immortar’s high-value kitchen combo now available on Amazon

If you’ve seen one kitchen mortar and pestle, you’ve them all, right? Wrong. If ever there was a bad cook who blamed their poor cooking on their ‘tools’, the Mortar and Pestle (by Immortar) has just taken away all excuses.

Immortar’s Mortar and Pestle is ergonomically crafted from 100%-pure unpolished granite, giving it a traditional earthy feel. The granite for both pieces is crafted from clear cuts only, which preserves the structure and strength of the stone. The Mortar, styled like a molcajete (the traditional mexican version) is aesthetically pleasing and offers stable and comfortable crushing.

“The set is as decorative as it is useful, which gives the product its unique value,” says Tommy Peretz, the enterprising brains behind the product. “You won’t need to apologize to guests any longer for the old perishing wooden set that you’re currently using. Make the change and take on the persona of a great cook!” He encourages his avid cooking enthusiasts.

The rough interior of the unpolished granite Mortar allows you to crush herbs and spices quickly and efficiently. The Pestle is crafted to the same spec as the Mortar and provides a strong grip for optimized crushing. “The lifespan of the product will be as long as the lifespan of the granite it’s made of,” says Peretz, “so it will literally be a once-off purchase, and the product carries a lifetime guarantee.” The entrepreneur further confirms that any customer complaints will be dealt with immediately and that a no-questions-asked money back guarantee is on the table.

Every cook who uses original ingredients (as opposed to a mass produced meal-in-a-bag) knows that a mortar and pestle set allows you to add pure flavour to your meals. Immortar’s set does the same, transforming your dips, sauces, guacamole, salsa, pesto or pico de gallo to artistic culinary expressions.

The value-set currently marketed on includes a designer multi-purpose avocado slicer which is sure to revolutionize your homemade guacamole that everybody loves and craves.

Immortar has invited all Mortar and Pestle customers to become part of their VIP community which benefits from future specials and cooking tips to enhance your cooking experiences.

If you order yours on within the next 10 days, you can use the Amazon 15% off coupon: 7DM3I8QT, just to add that much more flavour to this highly-rated deal.

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