Corporate Credit Network: Despite “Gloom and Doom” Media Reports, Healthy U.S. Lenders Are Ready to Lend Small Businesses Money Right Now

Despite “Gloom and Doom” Media Reports, Healthy U.S. Lenders Are Ready to Lend Small Businesses Money Right Now

As the Economy Remains Steady, Business Credit and Loans is Actually Alive and Strong as Major Financial Institutions are Optimistic and Ready Lend Aggressively.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – 2 Feb, 2017 – Don’t believe what you read in the media, Say’s Sean Reynolds with Corporate Credit Network.  Despite the “Mortgage Implosion” that crippled many Wall Street Banks and Lenders, money has flooded back into the banking system and bankers are ready to start lending money to the U.S. Business owner.

Small business owners that have been faced with a dilemma of either needing capital to grow their existing small business or owners looking to diversify and realize their dreams by expanding, buying new equipment, stocking new inventory, securing commercial real estate or simply just needing access to cash to leverage for potential new opportunities can now take advantage of unlocking new cooperate credit.

Sean Reynolds says the secret sauce is simply using the tried, tested and proven applications that he’s used personally for himself, his businesses and his clients with extraordinary success for the past 20 years. The good news is that financing and loans is now once again available to the small and medium sized business owner that’s locked out of the credit markets for nearly a decade. But that’s not the case today.

“Business owners can now obtain credit without releasing a personal social security number, and not signing a personal guarantee nor using collateral to get a business loan.”

• They can obtain credit cards like VISA/ MasterCard, American Express.
• Acquire big box retail cards like Home Depot, Lowes, Office Depot, Wall-Mart and Amazon.
• Purchase and finance vehicles in the name of the corporation and lease commercial property for retail office space, warehouses and storage.

About Corporate Credit Network:

It’s a boutique firm run by professionals providing concierge-level service and helping business owners build, establish and correct corporate credit profiles. In addition, our team of Executives can decipher the complexities within the credit agencies reporting model to ensure that a business’s corporate credit profile is deemed credit worthy and credit is extended.

Sean M. Reynolds
Managing Director | Corporate Development

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