Power Play Introduces New Innovative Dual Action Ball Pump

Proudly announced as “a fresh new twist” on hand air pump, Power Play Dual Action Ball Pump is believed to be an exciting new way to quickly and easily inflate sport balls and inflatables.

DALLAS, TX – 2/2/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Power Play recently announced the launch of their new Dual Action Ball Pump. This hand air pump uses the dual action mechanism to enable quicker, easier inflation and features a compact, lightweight construction to make it conveniently portable for users. The pump also comes with a complete set of extra replacement needles, extension hose and nozzle that eliminates customers’ need to shop around for pump accessories.

Focusing on strength, durability and ease of use, Power Play created their Dual Action Ball Pump to fulfill the need of sport enthusiasts for a compact, portable hand pump that works. This mini inflator works with football, volleyball, basketball, soccer ball and similar sport balls that have the American standard Schrader valve. Early testers and reviewers were impressed by the modern dual action mechanism of the pump, allowing inflation with both push and pull strokes and making the pumping process significantly faster.

According to Power Play spokesman Tony Burnett, Power Play worked hard to create a contemporary, compact and lightweight design of the pump. “We want to create a hand pump that is not only potent, but also small enough to fit into a backpack or sports bag so that you can carry it with you anywhere”. To add even more convenience, Power Play features a built-in needle storage inside the pump handle. “We know that a lot of ball pump users want the option to conveniently store their needle, so we make sure to bring them the solution they need”, said Tony.

In addition to main features like high-powered pump mechanism, modern and portable design, Power Play wants to deliver a complete solution to their customers’ needs by adding essential accessories to complement the pump, creating a complete package. Beside the considered must-have extra replacement needles, the rubber hose and plastic nozzle are available to add more use and versatility to the pump. The nozzle enable the option to pump exercise ball, all kinds of inflatable toys and air balloons. The fact that their packaging includes small zip bag for the needles and can be used as a carry bag is a small detail that shows great amount of care put into the product.

To celebrate the product launch on Amazon, Power Play is running a limited-time promotion. The 30-day money back guarantee they offer is sure to welcome even more customers willing to experience this new product.

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