Perfecting the Fine Art of the Letter Press and Wedding Invitations – The Stationery Company in Cherry Creek North is celebrating their 34th year anniversary!

DENVER, CO – 2/2/2017 — Like many artisan crafts, the fine art of the letter press has become a vanishing art. What was once one of the greatest inventions of human history and a turning point in Western civilization, the printing press is threatened with not only a loss of its art form but its entire existence. With new digital advancements such as the iPad, email, and smartphone, a drastic shift has occurred in the way we now communicate with each other. Long gone are the days where the impact of a few words scribbled on a sheet of paper makes the heart beat faster upon its arrival after being passed from one hand to the other to connect two people over a long distance or the response of a community as the collective whole learns of events that individually affects their lives in a variety of ways. For all the time spent droning out on our phones as we avoid the loved ones around us, there is still hope to make a meaningful connection.

The Stationery Company has provided this long-lost art of the letterpress, embossing, and custom wedding invitations for 34 years, and will be celebrating its anniversary on February 1st. As you walk into this family owned small business on East 6th Avenue on the north side of Cherry Creek, you are reminded of the delicate nature of a time that has long since passed. The door rings from a bell attached to the top as you open it and the soft scent of gardenia and jasmine greets you as paper, lots of paper, trigger memories of the excitement of sending someone a physical letter in the mail.

Lin Logan, the owner of The Stationery Company, gives us a tour of the small shop that is one of the last remaining stores in the city that offers handwritten addressed invitations in hand calligraphy, letter, embossed, and foil press with a wax seal.

When asked, what had been the biggest struggle over the past 34 years, Lin responded, “One of the biggest changes in our industry was the launch of the internet which gave way to E-Vites, E-Birthday cards and thank you notes. Many stationery companies could not survive. I can honestly say that because of our willingness to adapt while being true to our craft, we have been a reliable source for mothers to bring their daughters back when it was time for their wedding invitations, working with the Starky International Institute, a school that specializes in training household managers in the style of the English butler, being the go-to source of affiliates with the Denver Broncos, and announcing the L’Espirit de Noel Holiday House Tour.”

The original shop press is gone but a shadow box behind the counter contains a collection of memorabilia and photos of that press. Old techniques meet new as the two methods vie for the attention of the evolving market of wedding invitations, save-the-dates, birth announcements, and social invitations on the ribbon wall in the “print room”.

 Keeping true to her craft and her customer, Lin Logan and The Stationery Company continue to carry on as they merge the art of the past with the hope of the future.

The Stationery Company, located on 2818 East 6th Avenue, in the Cherry Creek North neighborhood of Denver, is proud to provide clients with personally tailored and thoughtful attention to assist in creating meaningful stationery, custom invitations and more! The company’s passion is connecting people through unique and exceptionally designed stationery. They believe that cards and letters go beyond the paper and words, and are memorable keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. The company’s motto is “We look good on paper”.

To learn more about the Stationery Company, and it’s founder, Lin Logan, you can visit their website at, email, or call Lin Logan at 303-388-1133.

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