Swing Alpha Takes the Lead with Growing Swing Traders Membership

USA— Those who think swing trading isn’t for the faint hearted are mostly wrong. According to Swing Alpha, the new portal and service exclusively devoted to this mode of trading, all it takes are real time stock alerts, deep analysis of technicals and the right tools and framework for swing traders to stay profitable every single week.

Swing Alpha is one of those sought after places where stock traders learn how to capitalize on huge spikes after a volume surge. With an average position of four days, swing trading requires traders to know expert analyses of fundamentals, tips on best stock to buy each day, detailed reports for pre-market conditions and regular stock alerts. This is exactly what Swing Alpha offers its community of members, who are now rapidly growing each day.

Unlike day trading, swing trading attempts to capture gains in a period between one to four days through short-term price momentum. Price trends and patterns thus take precedence over fundamentals or intrinsic value of stock and options.

What makes the company score over technical indicators is the fact that the latter are usually time lagged, and only attempt to forecast future price trends based on past records. All community members of Swing Alpha receive weekly e-mails and SMS alerts featuring market and sector analysis, daily pre-market analysis, 5-7 high probability swing trades every week, one-on-one consultations and real time updates.

Swing trading can be easily accomplished even by those with a full time job, since it offers flexible entry and exit points. All members receive real time stock alerts when the company opens, closes or scales in or out of a position. Each stock pick comes with a detailed analysis and satisfied fundamental and technical aspects. Swing Alpha team members are constantly on the lookout for the best setups to trade with the highest rewards and lowest risk.

“Our community is growing at an amazing rate. Our clients love us because we give them exactly what they need, without the noise and fluff of regular news,” said Nezar B, Swing Alpha.


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