Elite Denture Care Offers Custom Made Dentures and Mouthguards

Elite Denture Care is a clinic based in South Australia that provides patients with prosthetic dental services including full, partial, Acrylic and Chrome dentures, denture cleaning and repair, and mouthguards. All dentures and mouthguards are customs made to the patient’s dental impression.

Elite Denture Care focuses very much on delivering a personalized service to patients. The clinic recognizes that the needs of an individual are different and therefore provide thorough complimentary consultations to ensure that dentures, mouthguards, and treatments are tailored made to patients’ dental characteristics. The consultation includes an assessment of the patient’s oral condition, a discussion of their needs, and an explanation of the options and costs involved.

In terms of dentures, the practice offers full dentures for those who have all their natural teeth missing, and partial dentures when they are only a few missing where clasps are used supported by a natural tooth to hold the partial denture in place. Individuals can choose whether they want the partial denture to be manufactured with an Acrylic or Chrome frame depending on the dental prosthetist’s recommendations. In addition, Elite Denture Care offers a denture repair service, which can be done in the same day depending on the complexity of the repair itself.

The practice’s site www.elitedenturecare.com.au contains advice for patients on denture cleaning and care, and the clinic itself provides a professional denture clean and polish every 12 months, which they recommend. As part of the service, Elite Denture Care completes an Oral Cancer health check and makes any adjustments to the denture if needed.

In addition, the clinic makes custom-made mouthguards for all ages to protect individuals from oral injuries when playing contact sport including damage to the teeth, mouth, cheeks, tongue and jaw. Elite Denture Care can also customize the mouthguards further in terms of color and the inclusion of the patient’s name and phone number.

Elite Denture Care is owned and managed by highly qualified and experienced Dental Prosthetist, Matthew Reid. All dentures and mouthguards are custom made and handcrafted locally through MJ Reid Dental Laboratory.

Those interested in using the practice’s services can find more information at: www.elitedenturecare.com.au

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Company Name: Elite Denture Care
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Email: AikenBalzac@yandex.com
Phone: 0422 040 757
Address:46 Hart Street
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