To the outer space by one dollar! And stay there forever!

We will store a photo bearing your name in a 5-dimensional technological storage CD that can be reserved for 13.8 billion years, then pack it into a box made of titanium alloy painted in conspicuous orange, and at last entrust NASA, spaceX or Russian or Chinese aerospace institution to take it to the outer space and let it stay there forever!

Are you now ready to be remembered forever by posterity completely? Or perhaps a thousand years later, an intelligent alien race will find this box…

This is just our Plan A, and if we succeed, we still have Plan B that is to launch your hair as well as sound and video to the outer space. Be sure to remember that your hair contains your DNA…

Later, we may have Plan C. Our last plan is to spend the least money to let all your information stay in the outer space! Even if it is your remains, only that you like such type of funeral!

Expiration date of Plan A: Dec. 31, 2017.

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To the outer space by one dollar! And stay there forever!

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