Swimming Pool Specialists Introduce Pool Safety Covers

Narol, MB – Swimming pool renovation and repair specialists, UV Pools, announce they have introduced pool safety covers for use on ground pools in Winnipeg during winter. These protect the pools against the harsh weather while keeping adults or children safe around pools.

“A safety cover consists of fine mesh material secured with springs and grid,” the UV Pools spokesperson said. “Stainless steel springs pull this safety cover tight while brass pop-up anchors on the pool deck hold it down. The anchors are screwed down flush with the concrete during the summer in order to get rid of any tripping hazards. This form of trampoline style pool cover has clean looks and require little or no maintenance.”

The covers come in diverse color schemes. These are green, blue, tan, gray, and black. They offer easier functionality compared to conventional covers, and they take two people less than fifteen minutes to remove or install. For those clients who have gone through a wintering process of their pool around Winnipeg, they are aware that this can turn out into a big chore. Used normally, these covers can give up to fifteen years of service before they require replacement. A person can walk over them safely, which is unlike conventional tarp covers for winter. Pets and children can also remain safe around swimming pools during winter.

When the snow starts falling, it piles above the cover, causing it to sag down into the pool. It rests there until spring when temperatures warm up thawing the snow. The water from the thawing snow simply filters through the fine mesh of the pool cover. This eliminates the challenges arising from decomposing leaves and other types of debris that would rot in the standing water that collects on conventional winter covers. This heavy-duty fabric, treated with UV, provides safety cover that lasts many years. The covers come with fifteen years of pro-rated warranty. The firm specializes in giving swimming pools and the surrounding areas renovations and facelifts. They give pools new looks that homeowners come to love for years to come. They reshape, upgrade, maintain pool decks and modify pool depths. They also add tasteful safety fencing. The process starts with a homeowner holding consultations with design experts from the firm to determine what kind of renovation such a client desires.

For more information regarding the pool covers contact UV Pools, use the contact details listed below.

UV Pools is located at 4304 Henderson HWY Narol, MB.

The company can be contacted via phone at 204-414-1200 or at their website: https://uvpools.com/pool-renovations/pool-safety-cover/

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