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In an effort to educate and help individuals and couples over the age of 65, Salt Lake City attorney, Michael Anderson, who hosts the Legacy Radio Show on KNRS FM 105.9 at 2:30pm every Saturday, is giving away a four page special report about one mistake that plagues seniors in Utah.  This brief report informs the reader what the “one little mistake” is and what they need to do to fix it.

“Older individuals and couples are making this mistake every day in this great country,” says Anderson.  “But often those people expose themselves to unnecessary problems in their senior years without realizing it.  I want to teach them a better way.”

Helping educate individuals and couples in their senior years (over 65) is not the only area Anderson practices in his law firm, Ascent Law.  In addition to Estate Planning, Probate and Elder law, Ascent Law LLC helps people in the areas of Real Estate law, Business law and Family law (divorce and custody).  “We try and help families” said Anderson, “when people need their lawyer, we are here for them.”  Ascent Law LLC also performs legal work in Bankruptcy law, Personal Injury law, and Tax law.

To receive the Free Special Report about the “one little mistake” Senior’s make, people must call 1-801-676-5507 and provide their full name, address and phone number or request it to be sent via e-mail at www.ascentlawfirm.com.

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