Insight Pest Control Offers Professional Termite Inspection and General Pest Control

Insight Pest Control is based in South Australia and provides customers with Termite inspection, prevention, and control as well as the eradication of general pests such as rats and mice, spiders, ants, cockroaches, bees and wasps, and fleas.

Insight Pest Control’s key strength is their considerable experience in pest control. For their Termite control services, the company offers customers a wide range of both eradication and preventative solutions. These include environmentally friendly Termite baiting systems, which are installed around the outside of the property and are designed to prevent a termite attack inside the building. Insight Pest Control also provides chemical barriers in combination with bait stations, which are applied under pavers using a drill and inject method.

As part of their Termite prevention methods, the company carries out regular Termite inspections for their clients and provides pre-treatment for new builds, renovations, and extensions. According to, this benefits customers greatly as termites can be left undetected before any visible damage to the building is done.

Insight Pest Control’s experience with general pests means they are thoroughly knowledgeable of the different methods and chemical treatments that are appropriate to each type of pest so that clients receive the best possible results. For rats and mice, the firm provides customers with tamper resistant baiting stations, which are placed safely around buildings away from children and pets. Insight Pest Control is also highly experienced in spider management, which involves thorough chemical treatment of clients’ homes, particularly those areas where spiders like to hide such as eaves, windows, and door frames.

In addition, the company has specialist knowledge of cockroach treatment, which protects clients from the disease-causing bacteria carried in the bodies of cockroaches. Insight Pest Control also helps their customers eradicate Bees and Wasps using dust to prevent hives being built on the property, which can cause problems or even pose a danger to homeowners.

Insight Pest Control Adelaide, South Australia is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years’ experience in the pest industry. The company offers services to all commercial, industrial, residential and rural areas in and around Adelaide.

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