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TVMC (TV Media Center) is an android-minded fork of Kodi, by the Kodi fans, TVBOXNews Team. TVMC is free to download and use, with no limits or restrictions. People can use TVMC on a PC, Mac, iOS device, Android device, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi, and others. has today updated its website, teaching people how to use TVMC.

TVMC actually is a software application, or app, that functions as a media player. It’s free to download and use. TVMC is designed to organize and play all kinds of digital media. Users can watch TV shows, movies, live sports, live TV, and other content — plus listen to music and manage your photos.

Click to see that shows how to use TVMC to watch TV, sports, and movies:

“TVMC doesn’t come with any content on it. You can put your own content into your TVMC media library, including videos, music, and pictures. You can also use TVMC to stream content from the internet — and this is what you’ll mostly be interested in. To stream shows, movies, and sports on TVMC, you install Kodi add-ons, which are like the apps on your phone. There is a massive library of Kodi add-ons and plugins you can install — almost all of which are free.  You can watch just about any TV show, movie, and live sports event on TVMC with the right add-ons.” The website states.

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