Man Who Surmounted America’s Toughest Obstacles To Success Shares His Story In His International Best Selling Book

6 February, 2017 – Success stories are always good to hear; everyone wants to have one. The journey to the top never starts from the top. There are barriers which create a divide and separates and defines the struggle to beat life’s odds and move into the success zone. As inundated in Peter Nicado’s book, The Winners’ Mindset, peak performers have no excuses, only reasons to go up.

Now a member of the prestigious International Bestselling Authors Organization® member, an international bestseller twice, international motivational speaker, founder of the Winner’s Mindset Academy and TV host/producer, Peter Nicado’s journey started from the most disadvantaged position in the U.S; No money, no connections and no command of English. He used the disadvantages to his advantage, taking up a factory work for $6.25 per hour, he evolved into becoming a successful entrepreneur using the principles he teaches.

“Here is the golden truth of success, a golden truth of all time; peak performers have no excuse; only reasons to go to the TOP! The moment you decided to become a success, that moment you must realize you have lost one thing- The right to excuses,” says Peter Nicado.

Peter Nicado’s international bestselling book, The Winner’s Mindset is simply a practical motivation on paper. It reveals the secrets deployed by Peter in changing his life from where he used to be to becoming a widely sought after international motivational speaker.

After reading his book – The Winner’s Mindset, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to take the proven path to go from where you are to where you want to be in your career and in your life!” says a reader.

Peter’s Winner’s Mindset message is so unique that he has been recognized on TV, in the newspaper, and featured in several magazines like PUBLISHED and has been interviewed on many radio and TV talk shows.

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