SaintyCo Launches New Website for All Pharmaceutical Equipment

SaintyCo, the leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment and packaging solutions, today launched a new website, This is part of SaintyCo’s effort to reach out to its global partners and market.

“We are happy about this new website that will provide valuable information on SaintyCo pharmaceutical equipment, lab instruments and all our packaging solutions,” said Tony Zeng, the SaintyCo Export Manager. “The SaintyCo’s new website will be an all-in-one resource center for our partners and customers, as we continue to provide innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.”

While launching this new website in Zhejiang, China; Tony reiterated SaintyCo’s commitment to provide cost competitive pharmaceutical equipment and accessories. From today until February 28th, 2017; the company will offer a 10% discount on all pharmaceutical equipment.

About SaintyCo New Website (

The new site will include extensive product information to help distributors and customers understand all SaintyCo products. These include technical manuals, user guides and videos.

Key sections of this new website include:

About SaintyCo

Users will learn about SaintyCo capability, history and product development cycle. Other vital documents in this section include certificates pertaining to the tests and quality verification of pharmaceutical equipment.

E-shop/Product Section

SaintyCo customers can purchase pharmaceutical equipment and food packaging solution directly from the new website. Each product has a complete pdf about its features and a video illustrating the working principle.

Alternatively, they can download SaintyCo E-catalogue that contains all the technical information about SaintyCo products. Customers can benefit from richer online content that they can share with others making product specification simple.

SaintyCo customers will benefit from the multilingual search option with provision for English, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese languages. Also included is the Google translate option that allows users to translate the product descriptions to their languages.

Direct Online Chat with SaintyCo Technical Team

Clients can have a live chat with the SaintyCo technical team during working hours. The LiveChat section is available at the bottom section, on the far right of the website.

In case the operators are not available, clients can leave a direct message. This is quite simple and easy that using the “contact us” section.

SaintyCo Blog

SaintyCo has introduced a complete blog for pharmaceutical machines and equipment. The information on SaintyCo blog include pharmaceutical machine videos, guides about the pharmaceutical industry, common questions and answers, care and maintenance procedures, amongst others.

This will be an online resource center that distributors, clients and learning institutions can access for free.

SaintyCo Brands and Partners

Information about SaintyCo patents, partners and brand products are also available on this new website.

The SaintyCo new website is user friendly and visitors can access it from any device.

About SaintyCo:

SaintyCo researches, designs and manufactures pharmaceutical, foodstuff and cosmetic machines, aiming to increase production and reduce maintenance costs. For over 15 years, SaintyCo has expanded to over eight factories that deal in capsule filling machines, blister packing and film coating machines, amongst others.

The company manufactures high-end machines that conform to the international safety standards with its products currently available in the America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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