Shared bicycles help Chinese cities in short distance transshipment

Shared bicycles appeared in 2016 at China gave big convenience to “The final 2km distance” transshipment, also brought new challenges to municipal management.

At the end of 2016, people had found many different color-painted bicycles placed at the entrance of subway and crowed CBD area almost overnight in Shenzhen. Yes, orange color is Mobike, blue is Xiaoming, and while yellow is OFO.

All these bicycles are for shared, you simply download an App and unlock one bike, cycle to your destination and place at allowed public area, then lock and go. Normally that would only cost RMB¥1.00 or even RMB¥0.5. That is much more convenient than ridding your own bicycle and worry where to keep it.


In fact shared bicycles have been popular in Europe earlier before, yet its introduction and development in China is quite rapid just within one year. For example Mobike was just registered for business in 2015, and its bikes were first landed in Shanghai at April 2016, while at the early 2017, more than 100,000 orange bikes have been placed in 12 cities. Moreover, at Jan 23, 2017, the IPhone manufacturer Foxconn announced the strategic investment into Mobike, also an estimation of 5 million bikes annual production capability for Mobike to be provided by Foxconn plants. Observers believe that 2017 would witness the boom of shared bicycles in more Chinese cities. 

How have these bikes changed the way people go short distance travel? Motorcycle riders outside Subway entrances have been much more difficult to find customers willing to try their dangerous and costy carry; previous pedestrian in groups walking towards office building, now are replaced by happy cyclists on colorful bikes. Far from parking lot to supermarket? Just take a bike. A walking distance of 10~ 20 minutes, now is only 5 mins comfortable cycling, and that will also be a great Aerobic exercise, why not? 

However, the shared bicycles have grown too fast that they also arouse new problems, like the misuse of bikes in parks or sidewalks, malicious damage and stolen, random placement of bikes etc. Also technology of those bikes are still away from matured, with too expensive manufacturing cost, but actually high maintenance cost. Instead of simple support, Chinese city governments are concerned about these problems as well. 

For the last 2 to 5 km of distance either by commuting or by travel, or sometimes even 20 to 50km shift, that cannot always been solved by cars, yet shared bicycles would have their limitation: they are not available in every city or every area; At mountain area, climbing slopes with bike takes too much effort; and sometimes cycling for more than 30mins cannot reach your destination.

Then people may probably need another green transshipment vehicle, one that can be folded and put into car trunk/subway/elevator/bus/RV/yacht accompanying your travel; one that can climb a slope of 15° without effort; one that you ride 10 mins to reach 25mins of original cycling distance comfortably.

That is the Onebot T8 folding E bicycle, an lithium battery powered ebike to solve the traffic difficulties. 

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