Freway Buffalo Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Reached the Funding Milestone

Freway Buffalo e-bikes are designed to give bikers enjoy outdoor biking with reliable electric motoring. Recently, the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign run by Freway garnered the desired results.

Freway, a designer and manufacturer of futuristic e-bikes with built-in electric motoring, initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, a few months back. Recently, the owners of Freway announced that they have already reached the funding goal on the crowdfunding platform. It is their second success after the first campaign launched in 2015.  The owners took a moment to express their gratification to all of their patrons and added that the company has now been able to fulfil the financial conditions to start the production of the Freway Buffalo e-bikes.

The owners of Freway recently organized a press meet in their company where they informed the press that they have added a ‘cruise button’ on their Buffalo e-bike, which happens to be the latest in the series of e-bikes produced by the innovator of smart e-bikes. The owners added that the review video which was created by independent reviewer Court Rye for the Indiegogo did not show a cruise button on the bike but told the press that the bikes they sent to reviewers were only the beta versions of the Buffalo e-bike, which will now be produced at mass-scale at the California workshop of the company. They maintained that the bikes that will be commercially available will all have the ‘cruise button’, which has been retrofitted to the beta version of the Buffalo e-bike.

The owners of Freway came up with the latest status of the fund amassed through Indiegogo and said that the final figure of the fund they have managed to accrue is higher than the funding target they had set at the time of launching the campaign. They said that they have already dispatched the perks to angel investors who have supported the initiative.

“We would like to thank each of our patrons personally as their generous contributions have helped us in starting the production finally. From the market research and analysis we conducted over the past few months, it’s quite evident that the demand for sophisticated e-bikes with reliable motoring and Smartphone apps is growing steadily. We have combined robust electrical support with tested hardware and cloud computing to render a completely new cycling experience,” said the co-founder of Freway.

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Freway is a leading manufacturer of smart e-bikes.

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