Collagen Coffee, Magnetic Mochas: Unusual Technology Spurs Best Roast Coffee’s Million Dollar Growth

“Just been served – Another happy customer walks away with holding their Best Roast Coffee Organic Cappuccino.”
Independent coffee chain Best Roast Coffee credits quantum technologies to improve water and innovation with large scale success. Big Box grocery chains opened more than 60 coffee locations in 2016. An additional 250 openings planned by chains for 2017. BRC growth plans cite 2000 locations inside existing big box grocery chains within 4 years. As big box changes to meet gourmet coffee demand and deliver conceptual innovations, the idea is to attract conceptual thinkers – The Millennial’s.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 6, 2017 — Imagine collagen instead of creamer in your coffee, or using magnetics to make your chocolate mocha. Independent coffee company Best Roast Coffee (BRC) is using magnetics, collagen, and other unusual but safe and proven technologies to brew the perfect cup, and it’s fueling a $200 million expansion of 250 new locations across the United States in 2017.

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, but BRC is showing that its offbeat ways of improving water used in coffee are bringing in thousands of customers and building a loyal clientele. From just one store in Los Angeles that opened last year, BRC’s growth exploded throughout 2016 with openings in 10 states, either as stand-alone BRC locations or through a partnership with public company Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) to provide its coffee products in big box grocery stores.  Founder of Best Roast Coffee Mr Roe said ” We plan to add 250 additional locations in 2017 alone. BRC is available coast to coast across USA, and now in Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores too. This positions SFM and soon to be other retailers to attract the daily gourmet coffee drinker into their stores, and thats a good thing. Because the National Coffee Association of America cite the average person drinks 3 cups of coffee a day,  and the sector accounts for over 16 billion spend. So made to order daily espresso, and coffee while it is only new to Sprouts Farmers Market, it’s a sleeping giant for SFM and as they create awarness of this addition to their stores and continue to expand coffee bar locations, their investors will no doubt be very happy to see the additional revenue stream from the daily drinkers sector, and the second largest traded commodity on the stock market – Coffee.”

Pictured: Magnetized Water In A Frozen State & a  Latte to go – BRC helps Sprouts Farmers Markert

(SFM) has entered the 16 billion cups per day sector

BRC’s magnetics approach, also known as quantum water, passes water through light and magnets to structure the water and improve its quality, rather than the old and less successful filtration methods used by Starbucks and other big name chains. It helped BRC in 2015 win the award of Best Coffee in Los Angeles from the Los Angeles Awards program. And BRC is not resting on its laurels, because its creators are already experimenting with the benefits of using collagen — a natural protein — to further enhance the quality of BRC’s coffee. It’s a flavorless addition to each cup of espresso or coffee, but one that promises great benefits for human health. “Adding collagen will infuse the coffee with the healthy benefits of collagen and improve the health of skin and hair, boost metabolism, strengthen nails, and teeth, and increase overall protein,” says BRC co-founder and createve thinker Jason Roe.

These ideas are light years ahead of the competition, brining technology beyond the smart device and computer into coffee and creating a quantum water. That is the reason why BRC are attracting investors confidence in the companys operation that expanded over 60 locations in 10 months and grew to a multi million dollar business in under a year. “It’s a collaterlized model, as we open more locations we sell more coffee beans to the locations where BRC is proudly served.” Mr. Roe says that he and BRC co-founder Julia Yim are “two people that share the belief that nothing is impossible. Think about how science has changed between the 1900s and the 2000s. The other coffee companies’ approach is stuck in the old way of thinking, and they’re losing business. We’re leading the charge with the new way of thinking,” he says. We have now lanched an ebook too, to explain health benifits of magnetics and it is now on sale around the world in 80 countries titled – The Force Is In You. 

Market data show just how the coffee sector is changing, with a 2016 report from the National Coffee Association that millennials are a growing segment and increasingly looking for unique coffee that not only tastes great but has a strong benefit for their well-being. BRC is perfectly positioned to attract those customers, promising that the magnetized and other treated water will not only promote good health but also make a great cup of coffee.

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