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February 6, 2017 – Dr. James Collins of the Virtual Clinic has announced that he will be answering all the medical questions asked by anyone on his weblog. The health questions asked by patients or their friends/relatives will be welcomed by the doctor who is a renowned healthcare professional. Virtual Clinic will provide free consulting to all the approaching patients from professional doctors in questions and answers format.

Virtual Clinic is a nonprofit website designed with a sole aim of helping people with the free professional advice. The website is a nonprofit venture offering free health tips and patient can ask questions about illness and professional doctors answer them. The reply time is typically within a day and the team of doctors makes sure that every question is being answered. Visitors can use the website as a forum for free tips and learning while patients can get direct help.

“With myself, I have assembled 8 doctors with a variety of specialties to help answer and give guidance to people with questions, concerns, and just in need of information,” said Dr. James Collins, MD. “Myself and eight other experienced medical professionals will be there for our patients all the time.” He added. Dr. James Collins is a MD of Family and Internal Medicine and also a Visiting Professor at the South Wisconsin Medical School. The website has several categories and usually, the doctors respond the queries within a day.

According to Dr. Collins, there was a dire need of having a website that can help the patients with authenticity. The internet is filled with Question and Answer websites but too many medical questions are answered by non-medical doctors and that leads to misguiding the people. Dr. James Collins has welcomed everyone on this website to get authentic and effective professional advice on serious health issues. The categories are several and questions regarding dentistry, dermatology, general health, mental health, OB GYN and medicine are being answered within a day.

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Company Name: Virtual Clinic
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Email: customerservice@is.edu
Phone: (302) 504-4460
Country: United States
Website: http://health.is.edu

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