IBee Launches The Crowdfunding Campaign For Their World’s First Modular Bracelet

Manchester, UK: Saintech Limited, based in Manchester, are unveiling a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo on January 30th for their latest product: the IBee. The project has a flexible funding goal of $20,000. The prototype has been in development since 2015 by a multinational team, and a total of fourteen patents have been filed for the product’s design and internal electronics. 

Introducing Modularity to the World of Wearables

Wearable gadgets are nothing new, but what sets the IBee apart from other smart jewelry products is its use of modular tech. The bracelet itself consists of a leather and silicone strap, to which users can attach any of a variety of individual modules. 

Each module handles a different function, connecting with the user’s smartphone and other devices via Bluetooth. Users can select the modules they need, and swap them out effortlessly whenever they need to. Two of the modules are required for the device’s operating system, but the rest are mix and match.

A Variety of Functions

Each of the interchangeable modules provides different functionality for the IBee bracelet. The Button module lets you add a function for each of your digital fingerprints. It can send messages, make phone calls, unlock your house, open your garage, call an Uber, and even send out a distress message.

The Guardian module helps you locate and protect your phone, your wallet, and other important personal items. There’s also a Travel module that lets you press a button to find your wallet, locate your phone, or control your phone’s camera to take vacation photos.

On January 30th, the IBee the initial testiing phase was completed. The team will be launching an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, where users can back the project in exchange for early access. 

To support the World’s First Modular Bracelet, click the link: www.igg.me/at/saintech


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