The website launches today.

The website launches today. This site was created to document support of one of the most controversial physical undertakings in America’s History. Building a Border Wall between the US and Mexico has been a heated topic in the political arena and was one of the more divisive policies that generated the most controversy during the run up to the 2016 US presidential elections. The winner of that election and now President Donald J. Trump has indicated the wall is going to be built. is a website that combines the ability to support and share the cause, make history, and archive the event, all while helping out charitable organizations.  Three charities will receive 75% of the proceeds from building the wall. These charities include Wounded Warriors, Border Patrol Foundation, and Doctors without Borders.  

Jeff, a co-founder, states, “America is built on opportunities and change creates these opportunities.  It is so exciting to witness this time in our history, and our goal is to have a fun and exciting way to archive the events for folks to share with friends and families for years.  All while raising funds for great causes. Wow, what a Country.” 

HELPBUILDTHATWALL launches today on former President Ronald Reagan’s Birthday. “Ironic that Reagan who was one of the greatest Presidents that ever lived brought down a wall in Germany that brought the Country together.  I hope that this Country comes together as well,” added Jeff. 

Visitors will be able to see the progress on the wall through an online map, progress bar, and dynamic calculator.  Each contributor will be able to secure 10-foot virtual sections of the wall and will have options to share their information or stay anonymous.  Those who wish can also select from one of our images or upload a custom image and link, and write a message. In the end, a web page with a section of the wall is built by the system and includes a message and image is selected, and this can easily be shared with friends and family through social networks.


HBTW is an internet company connecting Americans to an epic and historic event that is about to begin.  Bringing to live an idea through marketing and technology that archives this experience, raises funds for great charities, and earns a profit as well.

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