Sparkadiss Releases New Bonus Single “Beat iT And She Missed Me” Today

DENVER, CO – 6 Feb, 2017 – Often overlooked and completely misunderstood, he’s back with more of the same non-sense, extreme antics and odd behavior that’s wrapped up in a square or circle delivered in a head set. Look out for new videos on YouTube and Vevo channels. Thru all the gossip and rumors, here to pack a punch in conceptual art!!!

The road to success is a little sketchy (with the dark side of fame) filled with booze, drugs, sex and sometimes horrible music, but not today!!!…. A refreshing new sound mixed with old school tastes from the opposite of award winning artist, more like awards being Takin’ away, the most under-rated artist of all time. Something unusual and passionate in character, Everywhere music is sold…

From an awesome new following. The much anticipate third studio album Jinn LP. Gaining popularity in the underground scene. The best new music you probably have never ever heard. With features from singer Pheel-Good, Jay drummer from the band Falchemist, epAdemyk local Detroit rapper, and producer B.R. Fresh singles include professional light weight boxer Augustine aka Lil’a. New songs such as ‘Live or Live’ and ‘Where You Gonna Be’ are sure fire hits. Scaling new musical heights, in a played out mainstream pop industry…

                                                                       Track Listing

1. Family First – feat. Lil’a                                                      8. Vocal Chords – feat. B.R.

2. Where You Gonna Be                                                        9. Hit So Hard – feat Lil’a

3. True Dance Party – feat. Jay                                               10. Happened So Fast – feat. epAdemyk

4. Real – feat. epAdemyk & B.R.                                             11. Really Don’t Know

5. Pop A Pill (‘Hop the Hill’)                                                    12. A Little Later

6. Lost Soul                                                                          13. Live or Live

7. Got Ya Back                                                                      14. Finished Last

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