The launch of book “Retaliation” offers much delight to the Science fiction lovers

The recent launch of the book “Retaliation: Earth Reclamation Force: Volume 1” has brought much excitement to the science fiction lovers. The book launched a few months back on has received great response from the readers and is available for purchase in paperback format and Kindle.

Looking at the success and popularity of the science fiction movies all over the globe, it is evident that it is the evergreen genre to explore which is why author Martin Wallace has written this book to the readers on a journey into their vivid imaginations and fantasies.

What’s a science fiction without extraterrestrials and alien beings intruding the life on earth and starting a war into the vast galaxy and this is how the story follows in the book. The earth is invaded by the creatures from another world which results in a nuclear crisis on Earth. To fight the situation, the human survivors flee into the space seeking another home to regroup, re-arm and retaliate against the enemies.

This group of survivors calls themselves the Earth Reclamation Force (ERF), a brave military of space soldiers working hard to survive and win the war against the aggressors. The story takes the reader on a space adventure predominantly through the eyes of SC, the Lt. Commander of the ERF, also the head of their most notable fighter detachment.

As the SC fights against the aggressors for survival while being a little carefree and easy with the rules, the readers will be able to relate with him any many levels. The storyline is set in space, includes wars between the Earth beings and the aliens with a lot of twists and turns, all brought together making a perfect recipe for a science fiction.

Of course, it is a lot of fun watching a 2-hour science fiction movie but a book based on science fiction brings enjoyment for a much longer period plus it keeps the reader hooked up. Author Wallace has described all the characters and events in details so that the reader can totally be immersed into the story and have a clear imagination in their head of what’s going on in the story.
Wallace has self-published this book and launched on Amazon, despite offers from two publishing companies. Retaliation is thefirst book of the series that he has launched and makes his debut into the world of science fiction literature.

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