“ENTER HEAVEN”, a must read book before dying!

ENTER HEAVEN is a hardcore spiritual book and encourages every soul, ‘the book explains on how to become Superhuman to Enter Heaven’.

NEW YORK, NY – 2/7/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Author of the book, Vishal Chipkar, discloses 900 Million Deaths are due to the Mass Ignorance, Ego and Immaturity of the leaders appointed after Christ. The book walks you through the process of understanding the Universe, Religion, Explanation on Dual to Non Dual identity of God, existence of our Creator in us, to become Superhuman, to “Enter Heaven”, a must read book for every soul.

Looking at Syria & Aleppo‘s tragedy, the Author’s message to the world is quoted as, ‘Our immature, ignorant and egoistic death as an earthly human identity is a setback to our own mankind, if a revolution in higher consciousness is not reached or achieved to unite & dissolve in the Supreme Power…’

Author says, his book is not dedicated to the mankind but to the god, the Supreme Power alone  The book encourages Vladimir Putin’s leadership and Kim Jong-Un’s role in the world, encouraging every soul to walk towards the righteous.

‘Enter Heaven’ explains the benefits of religion and the reason behind religions on earth. It guides on how to understand the Supreme Power and the workings of the Universal Consciousness.  It also appreciated Narendra Modi’s inner truth Consciousness contributing the welfare of India. Author has expressed the immaturity of Stephen Hawkins when the so called Black Hole was explained, and the scientists, mathematicians, became the mindless sheep following the herd.

The book also appreciates Barack Obama’s legacy and the struggle of Hillary Clinton on fighting against the Mass Ignorance & immature votets. Author says today’s mass ignorance can be easily audited by the way population of that country votes to their leaders.

The book encourages leaders to eradicate their self ignorance, ego and immaturity and walk in the path of Truth Consciousness. Author establishes the physically and mentally challenged births are worthy than the healthy births in today’s age of vice

This book is available for Sale at Blurb,  Amazon Kindle & worldwide retail stores.. The Author Vishal Chipkar says his life journey on gifting this book to the supreme power has been an adventure. 

Author quotes, ‘My name or yours doesn’t matter, we all are mere drops in the ocean of divine consciousness, an extension of Supreme Power’.

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