Hands On REI, LLC., a Real Estate Investing Company, accelerates Growth with opening of New Corporate Office

New office expansion enables Hands On REI, LLC. to accelerate growth in Real Estate Investing activities in the Northern VA, D.C. and MD Regions.

ANNANDALE, VA – 6 Feb, 2017 – Hands On REI, LLC, a local Real Estate Investing company, recently secured new office space in Annandale, Virginia to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s talent pool of professionals and services. They have scheduled their public Open House for February 11th, 2017 between 10 am and 3 pm EST at their new office located at 5105 Backlick Rd, Suite F second floor in Annandale, VA 22003. During the open house event, there will be food and refreshments and the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Hands On REI, LLC., Mr. Umaer Haq and his professional Team members.

The new office space features Corporate Offices as well as two large meeting rooms which double the workspace footprint and supports the Company’s Growth Strategy in 2017.

“The decision to expand our presence in the Northern Virginia and surrounding Markets was a logical step in our business growth strategy”, said Umaer Haq, CEO of Hands On REI, LLC. “This region is rich with diverse and talented individuals looking to assist us in revitalizing our neighborhoods one property at a time while making a livable income in the process. This combination affords a win-win outcome for communities, taxing authorities and individuals alike.”

The 2017 national real estate housing market will be a year of slowing, yet moderate growth, set against the backdrop of a changing composition of home buyers and a post-election interest rate jump that could potentially price some first-time buyers out of the market, according to a forecast from realtor.com. Hands On REI, LLC. looks to rehabilitate existing homes, instead of new construction, in an effort to moderate home prices, keep families together and afford the mass with the opportunity to still acquire their home in a rising interest environment. They will achieve this goal by locating vacant, distressed properties, or by assisting homeowners with challenges such as divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, estates, tired landlords and others, and then take those blighted properties from being a liability to the neighborhood to an asset whereby increasing surrounding home values and re-stabilizing the community.

Some would call this model “flipping homes”, but as Umaer points out, there is more to rehabilitating existing properties and he doesn’t agree with this terminology because it may contain negative connotation of something that is cheap, quick and easy.

“We are not just buying homes at a low price, painting them and reselling them for huge profits as the term “flipping” may indicate to some,” he said. “Our typical renovation involves some demolition of existing and out of date structures, removal of drywall and old tile and then installing new drywall, flooring, doors, plumbing, electrical, modern design finishing elements, new kitchens, new bathrooms, new windows, new roof and a complete set of new appliances. So as you can see, the term “flipping” to some would not encompass all that we do to make the property ready for a new family to occupy for years to come.” Umaer goes on to say, “While TV programs show this process as fun and sometimes easy, the entire process relies on educated Team members, a good construction crew and at times can be cash intensive when you account for not only the rehabilitation costs but also the monthly expenses like utilities, mortgage payments, property insurance, construction insurance, government permitting office, in-progress construction inspections and more.”

In the end, it is apparent that Hands On REI, LLC.’s business model is focused on revitalizing local communities, providing affordable and quality homes, and in today’s environment of rising interest rates and new construction it is a model worthy of its position in the Northern VA, D.C. and Maryland Real Estate Markets. Hands On REI’s Team consists of many individuals with combined decades experience in the Real Estate Industry and are all educated by the same provider which further allows for synergy and an overall well working Real Estate Investing Company poised for growth and expansion in 2017.

About Hands On REI, LLC.

Hands On REI, LLC. is a legally formed and active business in the state of Virginia, operating in the Annandale, VA region designed to acquired distressed, unwanted and blighted properties, rehabilitate them and re-enter them back into the market for families to acquire. This business model restores communities one property at a time, increases tax roll income to the City, County, and State and provides for affordable, quality and reconditioned homes for aspiring families. This model, while not in direct competition to new home builders, affords diversification to communities through moderate pricing with, at times, a new home feeling all the while supporting surrounding new construction by revitalizing blighted properties.

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Hands On REI, LLC.

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