OutNSocial Helps Businesses Stand on the Right Side of History

After 8 years of unprecedented progress in LGBTQ rights, the community is facing some possible dire circumstances.  Yes, Donald Trump decided to leave President Obama’s LGBTQ-friendly 2014 executive order in place, for now.  But that’s not our biggest concern.

Steve Bannon, President Trump’s Chief Strategist, has a history of marginalizing minority groups (the New Majority).  He’s even used gay slurs in some of his interviews.  Not to mention, he was the chairman and CEO of Breitbart News-a mouthpiece of hate against all minorities.  Unfortunately, Bannon isn’t our only problem.  Vice President Mike Pence has a troubling history concerning LGBTQ rights.  As governor of Indiana, he passed the “religious freedom” law, which allowed businesses to refuse service to LGBTQ people on the basis of protecting their faith.  It makes sense that OutNSocial would start in Indiana

There are others like Bannon and Pence populating the White House—filling some of the nation’s most coveted and powerful positions.  Our community not only needs protection during this administration but we need to rally together.  One way we can make our voices heard is with our money.

In 2016, Bloomberg reported that LGBTQ purchasing power in the United States stood at almost $1 trillion.  If we pull $1 trillion out of anti-LGBTQ businesses, we can send a powerful message.  The problem lies in finding those LGBTQ-friendly places.  Other than word of mouth or exhaustive Google searches, it’s difficult to find them.  OutNSocial seeks to change that.

Every time you pick up your phone, you experience a micro moment.  This moment could consist of any number of purposes—you seek to learn something, watch something, communicate with someone, buy something.  But regardless of your end goal, you have an intent.  You’re seeking an intent-rich moment. 

When you look for information on LGBTQ-friendly establishments, many of your intent-rich moments can feel empty or unrealized.  With OutNSocial, you can pull value out of your existing social media network and easily find these locations.  You can spend less time with your screen, get more value out of your network and get out of your digital world.

OutNSocial is crucial at a time like this.  With the tremendous financial command of the LGBTQ community, we can shift the conversation.  We can tell President Trump and his administration that we won’t tolerate moving backward or staying at a standstill.  We don’t support discrimination, fascism or bigotry in any way, shape or form.

This is also a win-win for progressive companies that are interesting in partnering with OutNSocial.  You gain access to a targeted community that’s willing to spend with your business in appreciation of your support of them.  Not only will you pick up new customers; you’ll be remembered as standing on the right side of history.  You can avoid a PR disaster like #deleteuber by taking a clear stance right now.

OutNSocial is so much more than an app.  It’s a movement of all people coming together.  It’s a portal to a safer, accepting America.  It’s a catalyst for change.  It’s an all inclusive soundboard for the LGBTQ community, People of Color, Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, Women any group that feels threatened by this administration and want to know what company to align their business.  This is an app with purpose and change at the forefront of its mission.  It’s time to get onboard. It’s time to get #OutNSocial™.

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