10 Tips to Lowering Heating Bills This Winter

“Heat leaving house can be very expensive”
With winter in full swing here are some tips to save money on your heating bill

This Winter, Stay Warm and Save on Energy Costs.

This winter’s unusual cold snap across the country has left many residents unprepared for a higher electricity bill. Emory Plumbing and Heat has suggested ten economical ways that can better keep houses and occupants warm.

1. Before the furnace is turned on, it should be checked out. While living in such a temperate climate, it may not come to mind that the furnace should be checked. A certified technician can examine a heating system to address and correct any issues before the heat is turned on.

2. Keep an unused fireplace closed. The damper in a fireplace should only be open to let smoke escape. By keeping it closed, heat can remain inside the house while cold air can remain outside.

3. Lessen the amount of drafts that enter the home. With drafts, hot air leaves and cold air enters. Just like the damper of a fireplace, there are other places in the home that create drafts, such as gaps under exterior doors or in windowpanes. Weather stripping, which can seal those gaps, is an inexpensive solution that can pay for itself in just a few weeks.

4. New insulation can possibly help. According to Energy Star, a properly insulated attic can reduce monthly heating costs by as much as 20 percent. What can create even more savings is insulating ductwork inside the home.

5. Furnace air filters should be changed often. Clogged filters can cause furnaces to work harder than necessary, so using clean filters can not only keep home heating costs low, but also can extend the life of the furnace.

6. Run ceiling fans in reverse. A sometimes unknown function of a ceiling fan is to reverse its rotation. When a fan’s rotation is reversed, then the warmer air that clings to the ceiling is pushed downward.

7. Program the thermostat. Switching the thermostat erratically takes more energy for the furnace to work, which costs more money. A furnace works best and most efficiently when the temperature is slowly raised.

8. Using energy during off-peak hours can bring savings. Early morning and late night hours are usually off-peak hours for energy usage. Examining a utility bill can help to determine when these hours are.

9. Finding a level below comfortable saves money. According to the Department of Energy, it has been estimated that by reducing the thermostat by one degree for eight continuous hours, a monthly heating bill can be reduced by one percent. When the home is empty because people are away at school or work, lowering the thermostat to a temperature like 62 degrees can bring instant savings to the next home heating bill. Related to #7, the thermostat can be programmed to be lower while the house is empty and higher when occupied.

10. Warm blankets, flannel sheets, and wool socks for bedtime can help. If the thermostat temperature can be kept a little lower than normal at night, then even more heating bill savings can be gained.

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