The photobook campaign launched on Generosity aims to help displaced people all over the world

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A man who is simply known as David, quit his job as a marketing executive in the year 2011 to make a journey to 440 cities in 110 countries as a photographer who would stand side by side with the people of each country during times of unrest, capturing their real situations and helping them along the way. He came across events that affected him deeply and made him dedicate his life to the betterment of displaced people who are suffering in this global crisis.

Now that he has captured most of the major events that have unfolded in the past 6 years he wants to share it with the world through a book.  To fulfill this goal, he wishes to publish his book which would summarize his journey across the world so that others can know and come forward to lend a helping hand.  So, he has launched a crowd funding campaign on to help the displaced all over the world live a better life.

He has started the fundraising campaign with an initial goal of $1,000,000 which will help him to get the book published while all the proceeds from it will go towards the betterment of refugees and displaced people. “There are more than 65 million displaced people worldwide, including the countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Brazil and United States of America. The idea is to get more people to be a part of my journey in making things better for the refugees and the displaced persons,” says David in his statement.

People see it in the news that refugees are suffering but don’t understand their actual situation because the media can only show so much. David’s book will describe the true situations of the refugees and the displaced so that people can understand the suffering from the core of their heart and take appropriate action.

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