New York, NY – Talk Nation publications today announces the recent release of the book, Love Is Who You Are by Dr. Luanne Ruona. Dr. Ruona hosts a weekly radio show which can be heard on Soundcloud, iTunes and on her website at LuanneRuona.com. The book is available through Talk Nation Publications on Amazon and other fine retailers.

Dr. Luanne Ruona is recognized as a prominent author, hypnosis therapist and life coach specializing in holistic mind, body, and spirit techniques.  She also integrates meditation for the treatment of a variety of issues. Dr. Ruona has helped hundreds of clients who suffered from emotional trauma, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, and addictions, as well as obsessive behavior, negative thoughts, and dealing with low self-esteem issues. While she is no longer practicing psychiatry, her books offer real solutions to these problems and Dr. Ruona uses the latest developed mind-body techniques to help people overcome their issues.

Among the things that you will learn in the book Love Is Who You Are:

• Learn how your brain works and how to better use it.

• Understand the mind better and its great abilities — and its problems as well.

• Use your brain and mind more effectively.

• Ego-how to effectively tame and understand it.

• Cognitive therapy.

• Power of thought and how to harness it, as well as how your thoughts affect your life and health.

• The importance of living in the solution rather than in the problem and how to do that.

• And many simple and easy tools for reducing stress and finding the happiness and health that you deserve.

Dr. Ruona is truly a pioneer in the field of holistic health and renowned author of “Total Glow,” a comprehensive guide to nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.  That book is scheduled to be republished by Talk Nation Publications in 2017.

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