Expedition Amazon 2017 – Return To The Jungle

Cape Town, South Africa – Well known photographers and adventurers Johan Dempers and Joe Brooks have announced that they will be leading a “return to the jungle” 2017 expedition. They made headlines with their 2002 expedition to the Andes & Amazon during which they were captured by Indians.

The new adventure set for August 2017 will see the two veterans lead an expedition to the Amazon Rainforest which will record and present educational material on a STEM based (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) educational project open to schools, and other institutions worldwide and free of charge.

In addition to Dempers and Brooks, two new expedition members will include videographer and web designer, Muldene Holloway (32), and adventurer and ex-Police Special Task Force member Hennie Van Rooyen (47). Johan and the field team will be supported by Jeff Waters, the Educational Coordinator and Operations Assistant for Expedition Amazon. Jeff is a former US Paratrooper with more than 6 years of jungle operations experience in Panama & Colombia. Jeff is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Education & he has spent more than 16 years abroad in various locations. Schools and teachers in several countries have already shown in terest in the Expedition Amazon project.

The 2017 expedition will also test cutting edge hi-tech equipment under the harsh conditions created by the biggest tropical rainforest on planet Earth. The expedition’s progress will be updated via satellite to their website, www.expeditionamazon.info

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Xzox8n-LpQE

Those interested in taking part in the interactive jungle class sessions, or those interested in providing other support, donations or sponsorship, are invited to make contact with the organizers by email or telephone during office hours.

The 2017 expedition will also be monitored by the Brazilian Military Police in an attempt to pre-vent an incident similar to the one in 2002 when Dempers & Brooks were captured and held prisoner in what the Sunday Times called “An adventure story that would rival an Indiana Jones movie.

The two explorers were captured by a tribe of Indians deep in the Amazon Rainforest, near the Peruvian border, while taking part in the six‐month Andes to Amazon expedition. They were held captive for 6 days before Brazilian police freed them in a dramatic military raid deep inside the jungle. “Sometimes you have to take a risk in life – living to tell the story is what makes it worthwhile,” Dempers said

To learn more about Expedition Amazon 2017, please visit: www.expeditionamazon.info 

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