Coral Springs Residents Get a Chance to Spend a Creative Valentine’s Weekend With Their Kids

Rising Zen announces two-day adults collaboration painting & kids play day on February 11th and 12th, 2017

Coral Springs, Florida, USA – February 7, 2017 – Rising Zen has announced that they will be organizing a Valentine’s Weekend event for adults and kids for the residents of Coral Springs, Florida. Known as the ‘Adults Collaboration Painting & Kids Play Day’, the event will take place on weekend right before Valentine’s Day of 2017. On Saturday and Sunday that is 11th and 12th of February, 2017, this amazing gathering will happen at Betti Stradling Memorial Park between 11 am to 2:30 pm. Parents simply choose which day they would like to participate. Tickets are now available online and are being sold at 40% discount.

“This event is for adults as well as their children with an idea that two adults show up to the event with their kids where the kids play in the playground nearby.” said Desiree Kim, the Artist at Rising Zen. “Each adult takes turns watching the kids. So, while one adult watches them, the other is with my group doing relaxation sessions and starting a painting. At the mid-point, the adults switch off and the second adult does relaxation sessions & finishes the painting,” she added while talking about the format of this event.

The whole idea is a motivation by Desiree to help the parents who want to relax and have fun learning to paint while not having to worry about babysitting their kids. Each couple only has to get one ticket for the event and can make their Valentine’s weekend memorable with their families. The primary mission of Rising Zen is to be a guide and catalyst for helping people realize inner peace and happiness by building bridges to ancient wisdom, personal practices, and the creative arts. Desiree Kim has spent years as a painter and instructor and is motivated to promote the art while helping the parents.

In addition to the fun with relaxing sessions, the collaborative painting created by the participants will go home with them and they will be able to hang them in their living room as a memory of something beautiful they did with their family. Moreover, the fun kids will have in the play area will also create some great memories for them, which they can capture and remember the 2017 Valentine’s Weekend.

Residents in Broward County who wish to make this year’s Valentine’s Weekend more fun can get the tickets on the website or enter for their chance to win free entry at

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