ESTA Visa Services For Italian Citizens Who Wish To Visit The United States

Bologna, Italy – ESTA Visa Travel Service, a Bologna-based online firm specializing in providing their Italian clients with Electronic System for Travel Authorization services, announce they have launched their enterprise and site, targeting Italians who are planning to visit the United States.

“As a citizen of Italy and you want to visit the United States, this firm should be your first stop,” ESTA Visa Travel Service spokesperson, Arturo Padovano said. “Italy is part of the US Visa Waiver Program that allows Italians to visit the United States without a visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization has been a requirement of this program since January 2009. This system simplifies traveling to the US by requiring the visitor to have a e-passport only. Heightened security regulations call on visitors to make their application and receive authorization in advance. This is what the ESTA Visa Travel Service is offering their clients through”

There are important factors that an Italian should know about ESTA before making an application to visit the United States ( First, this US travel authorization is not a visa. It is merely a pre-arranged authorization to board an airplane or ship that is bound for the United States. Its purpose is to let the United States Government pre-screen Italian visa waiver travelers before they can leave Italy. It is highly recommended that a person is wishing to travel to make their application more than seventy-two hours before the scheduled time of departure. Should an ESTA application get a denial, the applicant would be required to apply for a B-1 visitor or a B-2 tourist visa at the closest to him USA Embassy or Consulate. An applicant must also remember that should their ESTA travel authorization obtain approval; it does not guarantee the applicant automatic entry into the United States.

With effect from January 12, 2009, Italian citizens are required to make an Electronic System for United States Travel Authorization application that makes such citizens eligible for admission into the United States. This ESTA travel authorization has validity that lasts for two years and can be updated easily for future visits. Any person intending to visit the US either by air or by sea must make this application. It also applies to anyone who wishes to transit through the United States. This applies to children, infants, and adults. The steps involve completing an online form in full. Second, comes the verification of personal and payment information. Third, the applicant receives a confirmation email containing their approved ESTA Document.

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ESTA Visa Travel Service is located at Via della Campagna, 10, 40127 in Bologna (BO).

The company can be contacted via phone at +39 339 876 3912 or at their website

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