Anni Jin, a new generation of photographer, signed fashion magazine we-media, is committed to forging the fresh power of fashion

COCOPAI is an emerging company established by Anni Jin, and this company has introduced the personal street snap collections. Accordingly, people no matter in Shenzhen or in Beijing are curious about this new generation of female photographer.

In the mean time, Anni Jin also gained congratulatory messages from friends of entertainment world. However, Anni Jin did not rush to level up the COCOPAI to the next stage of becoming a wedding photo company, but uploaded the samples of photo via the social media. Annie indeed has become a photographer with fresh fashion power.

She has established and well managed her brand via the social media, become the signed brand photographer,regarded every place having been to as her family and taken all the pictures to gain the memories of these places. She has always attached great importance to her work as diligently and industriously well built the brand with her team every time she established the cooperation with other brand.

Thanks to her specialty and characteristic, the brand has become the featured internet products, and gained millions of supports for COCOPAI from people. Anni Jin, a girl with new power of fashion and the essential understanding of life,also shares her special view about the photography.


With Anni Jin

Anni Jin
signed photographer for fashion magazine
the 90s emerging singer, actress and model
Founder of COCOPAI

Q: Shall we talk about the photography?

Anni Jin: Likewise a girl as I am, I can get that girls are bravely released and refreshed in front of the camera, and they we become abundantly confident. I suppose this part of confidence can be regarded as the meaning of being sexy. Thanks to my special sense of object, I am able to well capture the most beautiful moment of every person. Thus, the photography shall be everlasting.  

Media Contact
Company Name: COCOPAI
Contact Person: ANNIJIN
Phone: (886) 13421088846
Address:Chaozhou Xiang Bridge
Country: China