ManageYOURiD Is Helping Consumers Disappear From Online Snooping Sites

ManageYOURiD is helping online users regain control of their personal data on the internet by covertly removing the personal data from people finder sites.

Reston, VA – February 7, 2017 – Would you post your home address, cell phone number, or date of birth on Facebook? Of course not, but a simple search of your name on Google will reveal over 30 companies that are disclosing your personal and private information to any interested individual on the internet anonymously. These sites will sell detailed personal reports, which includes your home address, your relatives and where they live, your full date of birth, political affiliations, driving record, financial records, and much much more.

Disclosing your information to unauthorized individuals creates a very different problem like snooping by someone you met on a dating site, hackers’ obtaining personal data to enable them to bypass your banks security questions, or even a contact on LinkedIn that wants to do a bit of spying, just to mention a few.

This issue was featured in a recent Washington Post article by Abby Ohlheiser, in which she wrote about one of these sites: The site might appear as an innocuous genealogy site, however underneath it seems to be more of a stalking site.



Most people think they do not have any power to have this data removed. But that’s not the case anymore! In order to provide a solution to this rapidly growing problem, ManageYOURiD has developed an innovative technology which is now available to consumers, that puts them back in charge of their internet privacy. This cutting edge privacy protection service removes personal data online and shows results in as little as 60 seconds. ManageYOURiD’s secure and simple to use automated online application with a “one-click” removal process replaces what previously took months of research, filling out endless opt out forms and faxing.

“We built this solution to protect high profile individuals, but have seen a significant spike in requests for this service from the general public. While a company such as LifeLock is an expert at protecting your finances from identity thieves, there was a void in the marketplace for a solution that proactively protects consumers’ private online information. Anyone using the internet is vulnerable to privacy intrusions such as online snooping, stalking, harassment, and even cyberbullying. These individuals are looking for a way to get their information removed from people finder sites. We made the process of opting out of these sites fast, affordable and easy,” stated Todd Drake, the founder of ManageYOURiD.


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The company has 30+ years of experience in Data Security and Privacy, and has been providing online privacy services to government officials in high risk national security positions, such as LAPD, Secret Service, and the Department of Defense for several years. ManageYOURiD is now making this service available to the consumer market.

ManageYOURiD has developed a proprietary robot technology called Protect-BotsTM that covertly search and remove personal data from the dangerous people finder sites. Drake continued: “As data privacy experts, we know how to find and deal with the data brokers who sell consumer data online. This problem inspired me to develop an automated process that allows individuals to easily and affordably regain control of their personal and private data. Our motto is Manage Your ID or someone else will TM

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