New Release Offers Hope for Healing After the Death of a Child

Enumclaw, Wash. – The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services calls the grief of the parents after the death of a child a “lifetime journey.” says, “No parent is prepared for a child’s death. Parents are simply not supposed to outlive their children. It is important to remember that how long your child lived does not determine the size of your loss. The loss of a child is profound at every age.”

Melinda Beckendorf Gordon describes her own loss and healing journey in Love Has Come: A Journey of Hope and Encouragement for Those Experiencing Grief and Loss (Redemption Press). After the death of her twelve-day-old infant daughter Abby, this mother’s healing came slowly as she encountered anew God’s grace, goodness, and faithfulness. She shares her discoveries in a thirty-day journey of her pain, doubt, and ultimately, healing to help others who are grieving.

Gordon, a Texas-based certified life coach, who has a master’s in corporate training and development, says, “After the loss of a child, brokenness can be all consuming. A journey of heartbreak that could have stolen my joy, killed my dreams, and destroyed my family has only made my faith more alive and my trust deeper—trust in God who can make all things good. Hard? Absolutely. Worth it? Without a doubt.”

The Rev. Dr. Tom Blackaby, best-selling author, speaker, and pastor says, “This book is a hug for those who need a light in their grief darkness and a revelation to those who want to help. Melinda competently navigates the tightrope between tears and gratitude, loss and gain, suffering and joy. Her measured honesty is like medicine that stings but leads to healing.”

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