LuminArte Fine Art Gallery Presents Globally Acclaimed Artist – Albena Hristova

Globally Acclaimed Artist Albena Hristova follows her dream and capitalizes with big names in the Corporate World

How does one individual, a woman no less, cash in on millions of sold original art works to corporations such as Harrods of London, Nordstrom, Macy’s JC Penny’s, Aaron Brothers, Cost Plus, Pier One, Bed Bath and Beyond, Kirkland, EBay, Amazon and many other International and local retailers.

Really, think about it. This mass market reach is a dream of a lifetime for any single individual, small business or corporation worldwide. Imagine developing a product that millions of households would seek to buy; the entrepreneurial quest that manifests creative thoughts and passion driven by time, money and energy, lots of energy on research and development to ultimately break through with a branded product that lucratively sells to the masses. This is not a story that you will watch on “Shark Tank”. This is a true story of a young girl who at the age of four was exposed to her mother’s passion for art, a passion which transcended all artisans as the leading restorer of the National Gallery in Sophia, Bulgaria.  This young girl was Albena Hristova.

Albena knew unquestionably she was an artist from her earliest memories; she was predestined to touch lives all over the world.  She accompanied and assisted her mother with projects in nearby churches and monasteries learning art practices, and later finished her academic education with a Master Degree in Mural Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. There was no question Albena’s innate abilities would take her on a lifelong artistic journey, translating her vision of tangible objects and intangible earth elements into works of art to be seen unto the eyes of the beholder, leading to a long standing career as a Master Artist.

Albena is a methodical painter “I select the technique depending on the subject matter and the overall impression that I am targeting,” explains Albena. One can only imagine the grandeur that Albena has seen on her many travels to foreign countries, places in the city, or out in nature where her world opens up to reveal to essence of natural beauty.

How one female artist paradigm shifted twenty years ago to use mass production to reach millions of art lovers worldwide is a dream come true and has proven to be a very successful business model.  The Internet Technology Platform is transforming The Art Industry, a sixty eight billion dollar industry. This Industry has seen an increase in online sales over the past five years; it’s a fact that younger people feel more accustomed to buying online likely because they’ve pretty much grown up with the Internet. So what comes first, the chicken or the egg? In the case of Albena Hristova Master of Fine Arts, we say, “Hats off for capturing an open art market by following your dream and sticking to your goal to touch as many people’s lives with your Art!”

Today Albena’s original works are found exclusively at LuminArté Design and Fine Art Gallery, located in Dallas Design District in the big state of Texas. LuminArté supports Albena in her quest to promote her one of a kind original art works in an exclusive Exhibition “Faces of the Earth”, that allows art lovers to travel through Albena’s eyes, through time and place in this great world we live in, to explore her interpretation of our beautiful planet raising awareness to the importance of preserving our Earth.

LuminArté Design and Fine Art Gallery Presents “Faces of the Earth” February 17 – May 6, 2017

“Faces of the Earth” Opening February 17th 7-10:00pm

1727 E. LEvee St. | Dallas, TX 75207 | P. 214-914-4503 | LUMINARTEGALLERY.COM

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