Author, Kala Stevenson, launches book on turning workplace frustration into laughter

Readers learn how to understand coworkers and laugh at drama they may encounter in the workplace

Author, Kala Stevenson announced the launch of her book “Monday Mornings.” The book teaches readers about the different types of characters they encounter in their workplace and funny ways to deal with their occasional gossips and negativity. Her intentions are to use her over two decades experience in a professional business environment to help people find a witty perspective to deal with workplace blues, avoid frustrations and improve productivity.

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“Monday morning is a book for people who have to deal with negative people and drama in the workplace. My experience in a business environment has shown that trying too hard will only lead to more frustration. Finding a funny way to deal with workplace situations, however, eliminates frustration and creates an atmosphere of fun and happiness. We may not be able to change their attitude towards us, but we can change the way we react by using a little humor,” said Kala Stevenson.

Monday morning is for people in any workplace where they have to deal with difficult people or situations. It is an excellent tool for anyone into Human Resources or jobs recruiting that has to deal with drama kings and queens in the workplace. The book provides an insight into people’s attitude, why they behave the way they do and how to live with them peacefully.

“Kala’s solutions to the subject of dealing with workplace drama is exceptional. Reading the book opened my eyes as to why many people are never happy in the workplace. Until I read this book, I was tired of avoiding people. Now I have discovered a better way to deal with situations and keep the negativity away. It is an excellent book that is guaranteed to make the reader’s life better,” said Samuel M, a customer.

Monday mornings also emphasizes the importance of individuals examining their habits, to ensure that they are not the reason why their co-workers are treating them the way they do. It is a book filled with inspirations, ideas, and lessons, to help even the most oppressed people deal with messy co-workers.

About Kala Stevenson

Kala Stevenson is an author and speaker based in Memphis, Tennessee. Her 25 years’ experience in a professional business environment has thought her the benefits of dealing with workplace dramas with humor. She expresses this in her first novel to help people laugh at the drama they may encounter in the workplace. She was featured in the January 27, 2017 edition of The New Tri-State Defender Newspaper in Memphis, TN.

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