12-year old entrepreneur speaks at Google, featured in Forbes, set to touch the world

Ian Michael Brock is NOT your average 12-year-old entrepreneur from Chicago.  Brock is also a burgeoning public speaker and soon-to-be author who continues to shock onlookers as word spreads about his mission.  While conducting interviews as research for his upcoming book, Dream Hustle Code, Brock recently was tapped by Google to travel to California to participate on one of their panel discussions focusing on kids and minorities in Tech.  Within the past few weeks, he’s also been featured in a Forbes article exploring the story of this 12-year-old kid who’s in the process of touching the world with his entrepreneurial skills and humanitarian instinct.

Ian is the co-founder of the social impact cookie company Beyond the Cookie.  This amazing company’s inception was inspired by a desperate need to find a sustainable funding source for their inaugural summer computer science/coding camp for kids from economically challenged communities in Chicago.  They produce delicious “hand made to order” chocolate chip cookies.  Sales proceeds are funneled back into their mission of ensuring that children from under-represented ethnicities and genders (in Tech) get a fair shot at developing computer science/coding skills that will lead to life changing job opportunities.

Through his family’s business, his book project and his numerous speaking engagements, Ian aims to shed a glaring light on the need for the U.S. to direct greater resources toward sustained CS Education programs for kids in schools and after school programs.

At present, Ian has conducted interviews with several highly successful people for his first book Dream Hustle Code including Ghian Foreman (Entrepreneur), Dwayne Jackson (Tech Entrepreneur), Lisa Nichols (NY Times Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Coach), Les Brown (Motivational Speaker & Coach), Dr. Dennis Kimbro (Author, Educator & Master Trainer for Napoleon Hill Foundation), Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Former White House Chief of Staff – Obama Administration), Rita Fry (Former Chief Public Defender of the Office of Cook County Public Defender), Bobby Dixon (Point Guard – Fenerbahçe Turkey Basketball Super League, Entrepreneur), Dante Brown (Actor, Rapper, Producer), Will Packer (Hollywood Film & TV Producer), Neil Brown Jr (Actor), Brian Gerrard (Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Bae), Shaka Senghor (NY Times Best Selling Author, TED Speaker), Everette Taylor (Entrepreneur, CMO of Skurt), and Jesse Itzler (Co-Founder of Marquis Jet, Co-Owner of NBA’s Atlanta Hawks).  He’s planning to release his book in June 2018.  With a goal of giving away the first OneMillion copies of his book to kids in public schools across America, he will soon begin a nationwide crowdfunding campaign.  Ian believes that a book on success for kids written in the voice of a kid could have a greater impact than one written for kids by an adult.

Every day, on the television, radio or in the newspaper, Ian and his parents get a close-up view of the increasing amount of gun violence plaguing minority youth in certain neighborhoods in Chicago.  The Brocks understand that kids need more than just increased numbers of police officers in their neighborhoods.  Through their tireless work, they’ve seen that these kids need a new vision for a better future with clear cut steps on how to get there.  They believe that kids commit violent acts when they have no hope.  Ian and his parents strongly believe that the possibilities offered by computer science education and Tech can offer hope where there is none and alter families lives for generations.  At such a tender age, Ian seems to have dedicated much of his time to making life better for other children from sections of society who truly need what he and his family are determined to offer.

In lieu of Ian’s over-the-top ambitions, he considers himself a normal kid as he is quick to acknowledge how much he loves video games and basketball.  He also points out how watching Tom Brady lead the Patriots from behind to win his 5th Super Bowl Championship was the highlight of 2017 so far…even though he was rooting for the other team.  Normal kid stuff.

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