Dental Services Practice Relaunches Compassionate Care To Their Kennesaw GA Patients

Kennesaw, GA – Dental services practitioners, West Cobb Dentistry, announce they have relaunched their series of compassionate dental care services to their patients resident in Kennesaw, GA, and the surrounding areas. These services include fillings and dental implants, tooth extractions, and oral cancer screenings, among others.

“Regular dental visits are essential,” Kellie Guffin, West Cobb Dentistry spokesperson, says. “This is to ensure oral health challenges, such as tooth decay and oral cancer are detected and handled promptly. Patient oral health is a paramount concern in this practice. The doctors make sure their patient teeth remain healthy, function well, and look great. Services include regular cleaning, examinations, and advanced restoration treatments. Every dental need a patient has is met here.”

Few painful experiences compare to a toothache. It cannot be ignored because the mouth is screaming for relief. This throbbing pain informs someone that something is wrong. However, it will not tell someone precisely what is wrong. There could be more than one single possibility. The problem may rest in the tooth itself, the gums surrounding the tooth or both of them in a combination. A toothache may be a sign of severe tooth decay inside the tooth’s innermost pulp. The pain arises from an infection attacking the nerves within the pulp. For this type of decay, a root canal treatment saves the tooth and stops the pain. The procedure involves removing the dead and infected tissue within the pulp and subsequently filling the empty chamber and root canal with a special substance. The tooth is then sealed and crowned to stop further infection.

Toothaches also arise from gums becoming painfully inflamed with infection. Periodontal disease, triggered by a bacteria thin film and food particles attached to the tooth surface, called plague, cause this infection. The healing process begins with plague, and calculus removal from gum and tooth surfaces and roots. The gums can then return to good health. It is possible that a more complex situation will lead to the damage of a tooth beyond repair, calling for removal. The removal, in turn, calls for cosmetic replacements that ensure continued comfortable eating while maintaining the beautiful smile patient desires. This calls for bridgework and crowns to replace lost tooth structure and missing teeth.

For more information about teething challenges and their solutions, use the details listed below to contact: West Cobb Dentistry.

West Cobb Dentistry is located at 5255 Stilesboro Rd NW #150 in Kennesaw, GA (30152).

The company can be contacted via phone at 1 770-794-3332 or at their website:

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