Burke Industrial Coatings Launches New Website to Promote Anti-Microbial Paint

Ridgefield, WA – Burke Industrial Coatings is pleased to announce the launch of its new website, which will be promoting an anti-microbial paint product line. The Silver Bullet AM anti-microbial coatings has been tested and proven to be effective against over 650 types of bacteria and fungi such as mold, mildew, and algae, has been approved by both the USDA and FDA.

Silver Bullet AM® is a water based epoxy, which means it doesn’t have the hazardous fumes of a solvent based coating,” said John Thompson, the spokesperson for Burke Industrial Coatings. “Our formula offers excellent adhesion, and is suitable for most non-porous interior applications. With a durable, high-gloss finish, Silver Bullet AM is perfect for abrasive environments and areas that are subjected to frequent wash-downs. Once applied, Silver Bullet AM works to protect the coating surface by disrupting the reproduction and inhibiting the metabolism of microbial cells. It has found favor in numerous industries, with food and beverage production, HVAC, travel and medical being just a few of the areas where Silver Bullet AM has become the coating of choice when bacteria is a problem.”

Silver Bullet AM is a tough, heavy duty, extremely chemical resistant epoxy designed for maximum performance in severe environments. It inhibits reproduction, interrupts metabolism, and disrupts cell wall functions of many molds, yeasts, and bacteria. Harnessing the power of silver in its ionic form. Silver Bullet’s antimicrobial protected paint compound has been proven to provide microbial efficacy within hours, and is able to maintain optimal performance for years. Silver Bullet AM also contains elemental copper, which makes it a mildew proof paint.

Silver Bullet’s antimicrobial protected paint additive uses a zeolite carrier that allows a controlled and effective release of the silver ions. The controlled release of silver and copper ions results in a long lasting, on-demand, and antimicrobial effect on bacteria and suppresses future contamination. Silver’s stable ion exchange process represents a significant improvement over standard organic antimicrobials that dissipate rapidly. This results in continual reactivation of the antimicrobial properties, providing a minimum of 5 years of protection. The silver antimicrobial in Silver Bullet AM is always working to protect the treated surface and will ensure the majority of contaminants will be gone in as little as 20 minutes.

After proper surface preparation and primer application where necessary, Silver Bullet AM can be applied with a brush, a roller or sprayed with either an airless spray, a hot spray or through an air atomization system. It’s suitable for interior applications only, and will perform best on non-porous surfaces. Proper surface preparation and priming are recommended for the best results. It’s a highly durable, heavy duty, extremely chemical resistant two-part water-based epoxy that has been designed for maximum performance in severe environments. It is environmentally friendly and doesn’t need any special precautions to be taken for indoor application. For more information about this paint product, contact the company with the below-listed information.

Burke Industrial Coatings is located at 600 S. 74th Place in Ridgefield, WA (98642).

The company can be contacted via phone at (800) 348-3245 or at their website: http://silverbulletam.com

Media Contact
Company Name: Burke Industrial Coatings
Contact Person: John Thompson
Email: John@burkeindustrialcoatings.com
Phone: (800) 348-3245
Address:600 S. 74th Place
City: Ridgefield
State: Washington
Country: United States
Website: http://silverbulletam.com