Roofers Elite Claims Top Ranking as Leading Roofing Contractors in Maine

Windham, ME – One thing that all property owners have in common is the need for a durable roof overhead. A good roof can last for decades and provides necessary shelter and protection from harsh weather conditions—especially against the often rainy and snowy Maine climate. Meeting the local demand for high-quality roofing installations and repairs, Roofers Elite has been recognized as a leading roofing contractor in Maine.

What started as a family owned business 25 years ago, has grown into a thriving success as Roofers Elite has expanded its clientele and established its professional reputation. The company’s high hiring standards have ensured that all their roofing contractors are fully qualified and have the proper training and skill to produce long lasting roofing repairs and installations that exhibit the craftsmanship of the trade.

In addition to their expert team, however, one thing that has distinguished Roofers Elite from their competition, elevating them to the top ranking, is their quality guarantee that is backed by a 10-year written warranty. This confidence in their work provides valuable assurance for homeowners looking to make the important investment of new roofing for their properties.

In Maine, regular roof inspection is a must, especially since heavy snowfall, rainstorms, hail, and other weather conditions can damage your roof, potentially causing a leak. If damage does occur, leaving your roof unrepaired can add up to costly expenses as water damage can destroy your property, and threaten the structural integrity of your home. For this reason, Elite Roofers offers everything from emergency roofing services to waterproofing, repairs, and entire roofing installations for both residential and commercial properties.

One longtime customer of Roofers Elite praised the company’s continued commitment to quality guarantee, stating “I had a new roof installed over 15 years ago by Roofers Elite and it is still going strong with no leaks. Some of my friends have had nightmare experiences with roofing installations, which is why I always recommend Roofers Elite—they really are the best.”

Testimonies like this one are what earned Roofers Elite their top spot as a leading roofing contractor in Maine. If you are looking to shield your property from the versatile Maine weather with roofing improvements, call on the experts at Roofers Elite for a free quote and to learn more about their competitive prices, qualified professionals, and 10 year written warranty.

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